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Course # Course Title Credits Terms Offered
ED 502 Teacher as Change Agent 3 Fall A; Fall B; Spring A
ED 503 Teacher as Researcher 3 Fall B; Spring A; Spring B
ED 504 Leading Change in America’s Schools 3 Spring A; Spring B
ED 593 Seminar 2 Spring B; Fall A; Fall B

Course Descriptions


    ED 502: Teacher as Change Agent (3)

    Introduces strategies for professional growth including interpretation of research and professional collaboration. Prerequisite: admission to M.Ed. Program.

    ED 503: Teacher as Researcher (3)

    Develops skills at conducting and applying action research strategies to improve teaching and learning. Prerequisite: ED 502.

    ED 504: Leading Change in America’s Schools (3)

    Builds teachers’ skills in leading school change. Prerequisite: ED 502.

    ED 593: Seminar (1-6)

    Prerequisite: graduate standing.
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