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Organizational Leadership, Bachelor of Applied Science

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Program Overview

CSU Pueblo Online’s Organizational Leadership, is a (2+2) program. The program is designed to enroll students holding a broad range of Associate degrees who are seeking a Bachelor’s degree providing knowledge and expertise applicable to advancement in administration, leadership, management and supervision in a variety of organizations including business, government and non-profit organizations.

The curriculum includes coursework from across the leadership spectrum including literacy of basic organizational functions such as accounting, economics, communication technology, marketing as well as management of human resources, operations and projects.  Leadership topics are brought into the curriculum both through targeted coursework and through leadership components included as part of related courses. The transfer and credit for prior learning policies are intended to give maximum acknowledgement and academic credit for prior education and experience reducing the time and expense for completing the degree.

View the Major Information Guide for details on learning outcomes, curriculum and more.

“The BAS in Organizational Leadership is designed to enable professionals who are seeking to move up in their respective organization into positions of leadership and responsibility by upgrading their educational credentials.” – Bruce Raymond Ph.D., Former Dean of the Hasan School of Business

Program Objectives

  1. Develop skills and knowledge regarding leading and managing people in organizations.
  2. Develop awareness of personal characteristics including your personality, leadership characteristics, information processing style and other relevant characteristics, biases and predispositions.
  3. Recognize strategies for organizational success in a variety of environments, such as business, government and not-for-profit industries.
  4. Build expertise for ensuring ethical organizational culture.
  5. Improve problem-solving and critical thinking knowledge and skills.
  6. Practice implementation of leadership and management theory, philosophy and practice through course-work, case analysis, group/team activities, industry collaboration and academic simulations.

Total Degree Requirements

  • 120 total credits hours earned with grades of C- or higher
  • 42 Upper-division credit hours earned with grades of C- or higher
  • Cumulative GPA at CSU-Pueblo of 2.0 or higher
  • 40 upper-division required credits earned from CSU-Pueblo with grades of C- or higher

Open Electives

Degree requirements allow up to 24 credits of open electives which can include any lower or upper-division credits (at least six credits upper-division) taken at a regionally accredited institution of higher education, including credits taken to complete the leveling requirements, credits for prior experience, credits from military service, elective transfer credits, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions


    What is the application process?

    Students will apply using the online application. Once all required documents have been received and an applicant is deemed eligible for admission, an applicant will be accepted to both the University and to the Hasan School of Business simultaneously. 

    When can I start?

    The online classes are 8 weeks long and run twice per semester. This means you can start classes in August, October, January, March, April, and June.

    How much time can I expect to spend on coursework each week?

    Because you are getting 16 week's worth of content in 8 weeks, you should expect to spend at least 10-15 hours per week on coursework, assignments, and studying. Be sure to practice good time management and spread out your assignments throughout the week to not feel overwhelmed.

    How long will it take me to graduate?

    Your graduation timeframe greatly depends on the number of classes you take at once. On average, students take between 1-2 courses per term and graduate within 2 years. Upon admission to the program, you and your advisor will create a personalized degree plan that fits your needs.

    What kind of classes can the students expect to take?

    The BAS curriculum includes foundational business coursework such as accounting, economics, oral and written communication as well as management, all skill sets which are crucial for future business success.  The upper-division courses include a broad set intensive business overview courses including business ethics, information systems, project and operations management as well as human resource management; this core of business coursework prepares the student for diverse careers in management, administration, leadership and supervision.  Finally, the curriculum includes required courses in leadership which give the graduate specialized skills for leading people in a variety of organizational settings.

    What are the career options for students after earning this degree?

    Example job titles might include:
    • Human Resource Professional
    • Project Manager
    • Organizational Trainer
    • Non-profit Executive
    • Entrepreneur
    • Healthcare Administrator
    • Government Official
    • Personnel Development Specialist
    • Consumer Relationship Manager
    • Community Development Specialist
    • Retail Sales Manager

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