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Doctor of Educational Leadership


Program Overview

The Ed.D. in Educational Leadership program is designed to provide a practice-based doctoral degree for educational leaders who wish to advance their knowledge and skills to address the critical issues and challenges that exist in the field of education.

The unique design of this program recognizes the application of leadership in the daily work of educators in both P-12 and higher education. The program integrates concepts and research that apply to both educational domains and balances the specific perspectives needed to fully understand each unique domain as well. Students will be given the opportunity to focus on a particular educational domain throughout their coursework including the dissertation that best matches individual interests/goals. 

To meet the rural, regional, and national needs for highly-qualified educational leaders, this program will be offered online. 

"The unique design of this program recognizes the application of leadership in the daily work of educators in P-12 education."

- Dr. Jeff Piquette, Associate Dean of CHEN

Program Mission

To engage and empower our community of learners and develop professional educators who respect diversity, advance social justice, and promote academic excellence through immersion in equitable exploration.

Program Outcomes

  1. Completers are transformative leaders who engage with complex perspectives to strategically promote inclusive, non-oppressive school contexts that serve the best interests of students, families, and communities for a more equitable and socially-just education system and society.
  2. Completers are reflective practitioners who seek and embrace critical feedback with the personal insight necessary to continuously improve and are willing to fully dedicate their knowledge, skills, and passion towards becoming critically conscious scholars, researchers, and change agents.
  3. Completers are critical consumers of knowledge that base leadership and professional practice as a leader and scholar on historical and cultural awareness, ethics, and professionalism for the communities served.
  4. Completers are academic scholars who are able to design and implement scientific inquiry for the development of new knowledge and data-driven decisions to improve practice.
  5. Completers are advocates who have the necessary tools for the design, planning, communication, implementation, and assessment of current or proposed policy and how to engage with appropriate entities for effective change.

Learn more about these program outcomes by watching the Ed.D. informational webinar linked here. 

Frequently Asked Questions


    Why is an Ed.D in Educational Leadership degree beneficial?

    The Ed.D. at CSU Pueblo is designed to address the increasing challenges faced by educators today.  The numbers and kinds of unique challenges in education continue to grow, and the world needs educational leaders who are equipped to handle those challenges.  The program at CSU Pueblo is designed to do this for educators interested in making an impact in P-12 education, higher education, and informal educational settings.

    Is the Program Accredited?

    The Ed.D. at CSU Pueblo is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).

    How long does the Ed.D. In Education Leadership program take to complete?

    The Ed.D. can be completed in 2 years, but candidates can choose to take longer if that is better for their situation.

    What are the career options for students after earning this degree?

    Candidates who complete the Ed.D. could work in a variety of administrative positions in PK-12 education, higher education, in informal education, and in advocacy positions related to PK-12 education as well as higher education.

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