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Course Offerings

Course # Course Title Credits
CET 102 Surveying I 3
CET 103 Surveying II 3
CET 115 Civil Drafting I 3
CET 116* Civil Drafting II* 3
CET 207 Construction Materials and Methods 3
CET 208 Concrete and Asphalt Materials 3
CET 303 Construction Management 3
CET 304 Building Cost Estimating 3
CET 305 Heavy / Highway Cost Estimating 3
CET 496* Cooperative Education Placement* 3
CM 101 Intro to Construction Management 2
CM 231 Statics and Structures 4
CM 320 Soils in Construction 3
CM 330 Wood Structural Systems 3
CM 341 Concrete and Steel Structures 4
CM 351 Construction Planning and Scheduling 3
CM 445 Construction Safety 2
CM 451 Mechanical and Electrical Systems 4
CM 461 Construction Law 3
CM 465 Construction Accounting and Finance 3
CM 475 Senior Project 3

*Indicates the course is optional

Course Descriptions


    CET 102: Surveying I (3)

    Beginning course in plane surveying; covers proper chaining techniques, care and use of engineering levels, differential leveling, traversing, and construction surveying.


    CET 103: Surveying II (3)

    Introduction to land, topography, and construction surveying. Prerequisite: CET 102 or permission of instructor.


    CET 115: Civil Drafting I (3)

    An introduction to basic drafting, AutoCAD, and Structural Detail drafting.


    CET 116: Civil Drafting II (3)

    An introduction to maps, traverses, contours, plans and profiles, cut and fills. An introduction to architectural plans, elevations and section. Prerequisite: CET 115. Corequisite: CET 103

    CET 207: Construction Materials and Methods (3)

    Properties, uses and methods of building structures.


    CET 208: Concrete and Asphalt Materials (3)

    Study of Portland concrete cement and bituminous pavements. Manufacturing, mix design, placing and finishing of these materials. The laboratory includes ASTM testing of these materials.


    CET 303: Construction Management (3)

    Job specifications, contractor, organization, bonding, contracts, insurance and labor relations. Prerequisite: CET 207.


    CET 304: Building Cost Estimating (3)

    Estimating related to building construction industry. Quantity take-off, labor and material costs, records and assembly at general contractor's bid.


    CET 305: Heavy/Highway Cost Estimating (3)

    Estimating relating to heavy and highway construction. Heavy equipment selection and use, project scheduling and production rates. Prerequisite: junior standing or permission of instructor.


    CET 496: Cooperative Education Placement (3)

    Industrial cooperative education work experience under the direction of a field supervisor and faculty member. Repeatable

    CM 101: Intro to Construction Management (2)

    Identify and understand the relationships among participants in the construction process and its history. Including risks, construction processes, construction law, regulations, and construction project delivery.


    CM 231: Statics and Structures (4)

    Introduction to statics, strength of materials, and theory of structures, its applications to building construction and the use of trigonometry in solution of statics problems. Prerequisite: MATH 121. Pre or corequisite: PHYS 201, 201L.


    CM 320 Soils in Construction (3)

    A study of soil as a construction material; including investigation, testing, classification, engineering properties and modification techniques, excavations, fills, slope stability, and pavement subgrade. Prerequisite: CM 231.


    CM 330: Wood Structural Systems (3)

    A study of production and properties of wood, design methods for wood structural elements and fasteners, and production and erection methods of wood structures. Prerequisite: CM 231.


    CM 341 Concrete and Steel Structures (4)

    Design, construction, connection, fasteners, and concrete formwork. Prerequisite: CM 231.


    CM 351: Construction Planning & Scheduling (3)

    Principles and techniques of planning and scheduling for construction projects. Topics include bar charts, Critical Path Method, precedence networks, and cost-time takeoffs. Prerequisite: CET 304 or CET 305.


    CM 445: Construction Safety (2)

    The study of safe construction techniques, OSHA regulations and requirements, cost of accidents, and ethical conduct regarding safety. Prerequisite: CET 207.


    CM 451: Mechanical & Electrical Systems (4)

    The study of mechanical and electrical systems associated with building construction: climate control systems, water and waste water systems, electric power and electronic communication systems. Prerequisite: PHYS 201, CET 207.


    CM 461: Construction Law (3)

    Business development and business planning, business development and negotiation, construction, construction and insurance. Prerequisite: CET 303.


    CM 465: Construction Accounting & Finance (3)

    Construction project analysis / financial control, cash flow analysis and management, overhead cost and break-even analysis, time value of money, banking, and bonding. Prerequisite: ACCTG 201.


    CM 475: Senior Project (3)

    An exercise in construction project analysis cost estimating, scheduling, and the preparation and professional presentation of a project package for an organization. Prerequisite: senior standing in CM; must be within 2 semesters of graduation.

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