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Certificates are the fast-track to a better, more rewarding career in the construction management industry. Students are able to use knowledge and skills learned in their certificate programs on the job site immediately. 

Recipients of a certificate will gain a deeper understanding of the current major issues affecting the construction industry. Students will be exposed to the important skills and gain knowledge necessary to be a manager in today’s construction work environments. 

All credit from any certificate program may count towards the Bachelor of Science in Construction Management Online Program. Certificates are meant to be completed in one semester, but students are encouraged to take more time if necessary. 

View the Major Information Guide for details on learning outcomes, curriculum and more.

Construction Manager Certificate

Cost: $3,850
CM 101: Intro to Construction Management   3 credits
CET 102: Surveying I     3 credits
CET 207: Construction Materials & Methods 3 credits
CM 445: Construction Safety           2 credits
Total: 11 credits

Estimating & Planning Construction Costs Certificate

Cost: $3,150
CET 304: Building Cost Estimating              3 credits
CET 305: Heavy/Highway Cost Estimating 3 credits
CM 351: Construction Planning & Scheduling     3 credits
Total: 9 credits

Advanced Construction Manager Certificate

Cost: $4,200
CET 208: Concrete & Asphalt Materials              3 credits
CET 303: Construction Management 3 credits
CM 461: Construction Law     3 credits
CM 465: Construction Accounting & Finance 3 credits
Total: 12 credits

    Institutional Requirements for Certificates

    A certificate program is a focused program of study requiring a minimum of 9 credits. Completed certificate programs will appear on official transcripts and students will receive a printed certificate. Each certificate program at the University has specific completion requirements, which must be met prior to the certificate being awarded. In addition, students must fulfill the following requirements for completion.

    1. Students must be admitted to the University to be awarded a certificate.
    2. Students must have a CSU Pueblo cumulative certificate program GPA of 2.00 or better at the time the certificate is awarded, unless stated otherwise within the specific certificate program.
    3. Students must complete the certificate program's minimum number of hours of approved coursework.
    4. A minimum of 50% of the credits in a certificate program must be earned in residence at CSU Pueblo, unless otherwise specified by the program. Students must submit a Certificate Contract signed by the student's advisor during the semester term in which completion is to occur. The deadline for submission is published in the University Catalog, Semester Notes, and Academic Calendar.
    5. If students are completing a graduate certificate program, they must provide proof of an undergraduate degree.
    6. Successful completion of the course(s) within an undergraduate or graduate certificate program or the award of a certificate does not guarantee admission to an associated degree program.
    7. Credits earned within a certificate program can be used toward a degree unless otherwise stated within the degree program.
    8. If a student is pursuing a bachelor's or master's degree, a certificate may be conferred independently of their degree program.


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