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Program Admissions

Two men working in construction

The Construction Management Online Program was created for students looking to advance their career in the construction industry. The online program is flexible and offers year-round, open enrollment. The path to enhancing your career has never been easier!

CSU-Pueblo Online is a moderately selective institution, and we are committed to providing access to a 4-year college degree to any student is who academically prepared. We look at several factors to determine your preparation, including:

  • Educational History: It is preferable (not required) that students entering the online program in Construction Management have fulfilled some General Education requirements or obtained an Associate's Degree.
  • College Transcripts: Students with 30 credits or less need official HS and college transcripts.
  • SAT/ACT scores: Students with 12 credits or less credits need SAT/ACT scores. Students over 23 years old are exempt from SAT/ACT

Students must fill out an application for CSU-Pueblo Online. All applications will be reviewed through the same admissions standards as CSU-Pueblo.

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