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Student Financial Services

Making Financial Aid Easy

We want to make sure you understand all of your financial aid options and the obligations that come with them. Should you have any questions about any part of the financial aid process, do not hesitate to contact Student Financial Services at 719.549.2753 and/or

Federal Financial Aid Package

To receive any federal financial aid, you must complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Once your form is submitted and has gone through the verification progress, you will receive a notification. This notification will tell you how to submit the required document to verify the information you gave in your FAFSA.

Once all the required information is received you be sent a Financial Aid Package Notification. Make sure you review the information sent in your package, accept any awards you want to receive and complete the remaining documents necessary for you to receive the aid.

Remember, you do not have to accept all of the awards offered. Also, if you accept any loans you will be responsible for paying them back. All documents must be submitted within 10 days from the date you are notified.

The Federal Financial Aid package is based on your computed Expected Family Contribution number. It also takes in consideration your estimated cost of attendance for the academic year and any other specific financial aid requirements.

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