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You will have to actually accept any awards given in your Federal Financial Aid Package with the exception of the Pell Grant. That is automatically considered accepted.

Loan Entrance Counseling

The Department of Education requires anyone who accepts a Federal Stafford Loan to complete Loan Entrance Counseling first. This is how you will receive important information regarding your responsibilities, obligations and rights for the student loans you borrow.

To complete your counseling, got to and click on “Complete the Entrance Counseling.” Please note that you will need a PIN which will be issued by the Department of Education to use the site.

Master Promissory Note

You must also complete a Master Promissory Note (MPN) if you receive a Federal Stafford Loan. This only needs to completed once will renew your financial aid over multiple trimesters for up to 10 years.

With your MPN you will receive instructions for repayment, interest and deferment. Once you accept your loan, you will receive information on how to complete the MPN online. You will also be provided the Borrowers’ Rights and Responsibilities form and a disclosure statement. The disclosure statement includes the following:

  • Origination fee
  • Insurance Premium fee
  • Cumulative principal debt for loans made by your lender
  • Actual interest rate
  • The name and address of your lender
  • Net amount of each scheduled disbursement
  • Expected date of each disbursement
  • Loan principal amount

Reapplying for Financial Aid

Each year you must reapply for federal financial aid. This means you must also complete and submit your FAFSA each year.

Financial Aid Disbursement

Financial aid awards are scheduled each term within the semester to coincide with financial charges. Disbursement amounts and dates are subject to change based on changes to a student’s enrollment status, credit load, and/or cost of attendance.

  • Federal Direct and Federal Direct PLUS loans - the student must have a valid ISIR on file; have completed a Master Promissory Note and Entrance Counseling; be attending at least half-time for the trimester; and be attending at least one course during the term of disbursement. If a student decides to take a term off, the aid scheduled will be cancelled.
  • Federal Pell Grant disbursement, the student must have a valid ISIR on file, have submitted all required verification or clearance documents, and meet the enrollment status based on courses attended each term.

Credit Balance

Your financial aid funds will be used to pay for your tuition, fees, and books as applicable. If any funds remain, a stipend will be issued in the form of a check and sent to the address on file. If you would like to receive Direct Deposit to your personal account, you may complete a Direct Deposit form and mail it to the Student Accounts Office at the following address:

CSU-Pueblo Online
Student Accounts
2200 Bonforte Blvd.
Pueblo, CO 81001

Financial Aid Repayment

Some types of financial aid, particularly loans, require you to repay the amount you borrowed with interest after you graduate or after a change in student status. Most student loans have a 6 month grace period, but each student loan is different. Contact your lender for the specifics on your repayment expectations.

Note: Grants and scholarships typically do not have to be repaid if you graduate from your degree program in good academic standing.

Depending on the repayment plan you choose, the amount you pay and the length of time you have repay your loans will vary. You have a choice of several repayment plans which are designed to fit the needs of each individual borrower.

For information on repayment plans available, visit the Federal Student Aid website. There you can find a calculator to help you estimate repayment amounts under each of the different plans. If you take out a private loan you will need to contact the specific lender for repayment options and expectations.

Loan Exit Counseling

If you drop below half-time, leave the university or graduate from your program, you will have to complete Loan Exit Counseling. This counseling is provided through

This counseling provides importation information regarding your responsibilities, obligations and rights for student loans you’ve borrowed.

It will help prepare you for repayment and provide important information about your loan history. During the counseling, you’ll receive estimated repayment information, and you’ll be able to view all federal student loans that you’ve borrowed over the course of your education.

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