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Non-Profit Administration Minor

Advisor: Leticia Steffen, 719.549.2533
The nonprofit administration minor is a 24-credit multidisciplinary program designed for students wanting to pursue careers in nonprofit organizations that include the arts, human services, recreation, chambers of commerce, civic efforts, and health care. The nonprofit administration minor supports the mission of the university by promoting civic responsibility and encouraging innovation.

Student Learning Outcomes

Three student learning outcomes are directly related to the mission of the nonprofit administration minor: 1) identify basic components of nonprofit organization; 2) develop a strategic plan for a new nonprofit organization; 3) apply knowledge of nonprofit organizations within an internship setting.

Specific Requirements for the Non-Profit Administration Minor
Core Courses: 15 credits
Courses Titles Credits
MCCNM 370 Nonprofit Organizations and Communication 3
POLSC 330 Introduction to Public Administration


PSYCH 315 Industrial/Organizational Psych 3
SOC 432 Organization Theory 3
SW 350 Social Welfare Policy 3
NPA 494 Field Experience 3
+ Elective Courses: 9 credits

The following courses are suggested electives. Students are encouraged to identify courses that will assist in their specific nonprofit career goals. Students are required to earn 9 credits, but can choose additional electives. The required 9 credits can fall within the same content area or across disciplines; however, students may only use 6 credits from their major. No general education or other minor courses can be double-counted. Some courses may require prerequisites.

Courses Titles Credits
COMR 350 Communicating in Professions
ECON 202 Principles of Microeconomics
ENG 305 Technical & Scientific Report Writing 3
MCCNM 210 Intro to Integrated Communication
MCCNM 211 Digital Publishing 3
MCCNM 321 Public Relations Case Problems 3
MCCNM 422 Writing for Public Relations 3
MCCNM 430  Integrated Communications Campaigns 3
POLSC 340 Public Policy 3
SW 324 Social Work Intervention III 3


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