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Music Major

Academic Planning Sheet: Music (BA Music)

The Bachelor of Arts in Music provides a broad base for a number of careers in music such as private studio teachers, and is intended as preparation for advanced graduate study.

BA Music Planning Sheet          


General EducationCredit Hours
ENG 101 English Composition I 3
ENG 102 English Composition II 3
Mathematics Course 3
Humanities Courses 9
History Courses 3
Social Sciences Courses 6
Natural and Physical Sciences Courses (2 courses with lab) 8
Total Credits 35

Foreign Language Requirements:

Students seeking the degree of Bachelor of Arts must complete
One of the three options liste d below:

  1. Completion of the second level of a foreign language (course number 102)
    • *Students may not test out of the course.
    • * Completion of a foreign language course above 102 with a grade of C  or better will satisfy the requirement.
  2. Completion of FL 100, Introduction to Comparative Linguistics, & ANTHR/EHG 106, Language Thought and Culture
  3. Completion of the first and second level of American Sign Language  
Major Course RequirementsCredit Hours
MUS 150 Music Theory I 2
MUS 151 Aural Skills I 2
MUS 210 Music Theory II 2
MUS 211 Aural Skills II 2
MUS 250 Music Theory III 2
MUS 251 Aural Skills III 2
MUS 280 Music Theory IV 2
MUS 281 Aural Skills IV 2
MUS 305 Music History I 3
MUS 355 Music History II 3
MUS x01 Music Performance Symposium 0 hrs. 6 sem.
MUS xxx Primary Ensemble 6 hrs. 6 sem.
MUS xxx Secondary Ensemble 2
MUS xxx Major Applied Lesson 12 hrs. 6 sem.
MUS 127 Functional Piano 1: Beginning 1
MUS 229 Piano Proficiency Completion 1
MUS 103 Music & Computer Technology I 1
MUS 303 Music & Computer Technology II 1
MUS 357 Orchestration & Arranging 3
MUS 358 Basic Conducting 2
Note: Piano student complete either of the following in lieu of Functional Piano courses:
MUS 346 Piano Literature 3
MUS 347 Piano Pedagogy 3
Total Credits 48

Music Department

Anthony "Capps" Capozzolo Center for the Arts

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