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Minor in Music Theory/Composition

The Minor in Composition/Theory provides a solid theoretical understanding of music as well as a broad foundation of compositional skills. The Minor culminates in a composition recital which ensures students graduate with recordings and scores appropriate for a graduate composition admissions portfolio

Specific Requirements for the Minor (2016-17 Academic Year)

Core Requirements (10 Credit Hours)Credit Hours
MUS 180 Applied Music Composition (4 semesters, 1 Cr each) 1+1+1+1
MUS 438 Music Composition Recital 2
MUS 350 Theory V- Composition and Analysis 2
ONE of the following:
MUS 351 Counterpoint 2
MUS 352 19th Century Styles 2
MUS 353 20th Century Styles 2
2 Electives (Minimum 8 Credit Hours)Credit Hours
MUS 113 Vocal Techniques and Diction 1
MUS 180 Applied Music Composition (units taken beyond Core, above) 2
MUS 223 Percussion Techniques 1
MUS 233 Woodwind Techniques 1
MUS 243 String Techniques 1
MUS 253 Brass Techniques 1
MUS 359 Advanced Conducting 2
MUS xxx Advanced Theory courses (not taken in Core) 2-6
Total Credit Hours for the Minor 18

NOTE: See the Department of Music Student Handbook for additional requirements.  
DISCLAIMER: The Academic Planning Sheet is designed as a guide for students planning their course selections. The information on this page provides only a suggested schedule. Actual course selections should be made with the advice and consent of an academic advisor. While accurately portraying the information contained in the college catalog, this form is not considered a legal substitute for that document. Students should become familiar with the catalog in effect at the time in which they entered the institution.

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