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Degree Programs

The mission of the Department of Music at Colorado State University-Pueblo is to prepare undergraduate students to function professionally in their chosen field of music within the larger context of a liberal education, to provide artistic enrichment for the community, and to serve as an artistic resource.

  4-Year Degree Planning Sheets

The  goals of the Department of Music are:

  • To prepare students to function professionally in their field of music,
  • To provide appropriate musical experiences for students in the liberal arts program,
  • To prepare students to pursue advanced study in their respective areas,
  • To encourage in all students the development of musical sensitivity and an understanding of the aesthetic process, and
  • To provide for the University and community the enrichment afforded by a variety of musical experiences.

The  objectives of the Department of Music used to accomplish the goals outlined above include:

  • To offer courses and related experiences of an appropriate nature and quality and of sufficient breadth to allow the student adequate opportunity to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills;
  • To offer and encourage student participation in a variety of ensembles and other instructional opportunities, allowing for varying musical tastes, experiences, and abilities;
  • To sufficiently challenge each music student to progress beyond the minimum requirements of a degree program, and to provide opportunities for growth beyond classroom instruction;
  • To present music in a manner that promotes it as an art form; and
  • To offer and promote quality performance and instruction, and to serve as an artistic resource.

The Bachelor of Arts in Music provides a broad base for a number of careers in music such as private studio teachers, and is intended as preparation for advanced graduate study.

The Bachelor of Arts in Music: Music Performance emphasis is appropriate for those students who plan to perform, teach privately, or pursue further study at the graduate level.

The Bachelor of Arts in Music: Music Education emphasis is a professional degree and provides the essential training, knowledge and skills necessary for a teaching career in choral, instrumental, or general music. The degree leads to K-12 music teacher licensure.

The University also offers a Minor in Music which allows the student to further their knowledge of music as an art while enjoying participation in music performance.​​​​​​

Music Department

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