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Music Symposium

Enrollment in Music Symposium (MUS101, 201, 301, 401) is required for all music majors each semester with the following exceptions: Music Liberal Arts degree - senior year Music Education degree - student teaching semester For all music minors, four semesters of Symposium are required, and should be taken in those semesters that have the largest concentration of music courses. It should also be noted that music minors must take a minimum of 6 credit hours in music in order to receive departmental scholarship assistance.

Students may take Music Symposium for zero or one credit, at the student's discretion.

The one o'clock hour on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons is reserved for Music Symposium, which may include seminars, studio classes, meetings, and recitals. Enrollment and attendance is required of all music majors. Most events, with the exception of studio classes held with the student's private teacher, are held in Hoag Hall. Attendance in Music Symposium is a part of the attendance requirement and course sequence leading to the degree for all majors and minors. Music education majors are exempt from this requirement during the student teaching semester. Symposium attendance is directly related to and a portion of the applied lesson grade, and receives a Pass/Fail grade at the end of the semester. Students are required to sign in at each Symposium, and remain throughout the program. Excessive absences or tardiness (more than three) will result in the lowering of the applied grade for the semester as well as a Fail grade.

Department Recital Performance Requirements (Symposium)

  1. Music Education and Music Performance majors must perform a minimum of two instructor-approved solo works each semester.
  2. This requirement may be waived by the instructor for the non-major or minor, or for the major in the Liberal Arts track.
  3. The work may be as part of an ensemble for those in listed in 2 above.
  4. These performances are graded by the applied instructor and included as a portion of the final applied grade.
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