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  • CAMPUS CLOSED on Monday, May 30th.


    Campus is closed on Monday, May 30th in celebration of Memorial Day.

Current Programs


    My Battle

    “My Battle” Mentor program will focus on getting information communicated to new student veterans. The mentorship will be handled by upper classmen in good standing with the school. These mentors will be able to provide on-campus resource locations, contact information, act as a friendly ear, and generally assist with the transition process at CSU-Pueblo. Inquire at the front desk of the MVSC for more information. 


    Vet2Vet Tutoring

    The “Vet2Vet Tutoring” program will identify qualified tutors for veteran to veteran tutoring. If a student veteran is struggling in a class and needs tutoring, the MVSC will provide a paid tutor that is also a veteran. If you are a student veteran that needs tutoring in any course at CSU-Pueblo contact the front desk of the MVSC to set up an interview to be paired with the appropriate tutor. 


    Southern Colorado Veteran Career Fair

    This event is the only veteran centered career fair in Colorado outside of Colorado Springs and the Denver area. This event will be held in April in the ball-room with many companies in attendance. This event is a great way for graduating or near graduating student veterans to be able to interview potential companies for employment, Pass out your resume, and generally shine. 


    Veterans Achievement & Leadership Orientation Response (VALOR)

    A veteran response to the orientation experience. Orientation is really for freshman and we know you aren't a freshman. So the MVSC has made an orientation that makes sense for veterans. A veteran will show you the ropes and get you orientated to all the things and locations a veteran needs to know. This person will have a unique tour for new student veterans with veteran specific stops and information given on the tours.


    Veteran Ambassadors

    These tour guides are trained to give tours but with a veterans perspective. The student veteran ambassador will guide perspective students on tours and show not only the regular locations on a tour but give it in a veterans perspective. This has also been used as a recruiting tool for the new students wanting to join the military or try the ROTC program at CSU-Pueblo.



    The MVSC is actively tracking each benefit drawing student’s GPA. This is then reported to the student if the GPA is under 2.0 and advising then takes place. Tutoring can also be instituted at this time to ensure passing grades.


    Textbook Library

    The MVSC is developing its textbook library for free checkout. This is an important feature for veterans as these books can prevent the student from spending the first semester book stipend on books. THERE MAY BE ISSUES WITH BAH BEING ON TIME. 


    Veteran specific Syllabus accommodations

    A veteran and active duty accommodations section has been disseminated to the faculty to provide instructors direction with how to handle veteran, guard, reserve, and active duty issues. These issues might cover how to accommodate Guard drill, being deployed, and disability resources.

Summer 2022

Two students leaving the OSC

$500 Scholarship Opportunity

Advising for summer courses is open. New and current students are eligible for a $500 summer scholarship if enrolled in 9 or more summer credits. 

Summer Scholarship Interest Form

Schedule Advising

Registration is Open

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Registration for both summer and fall courses is open for continuing students. Students can register for classes in self-service Banner or reference the following instructions and resources.

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