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Internship Program

The Mass Communications Department and Center for New Media support the polytechnic role and mission of the university. The department offers a pragmatic and professionally oriented program that is strongly reinforced through the use of internships.

The Mass Communication internship program began in 1963-64 and is believed to be the oldest journalism/communications internship program in the state.

  • Only juniors and seniors are allowed to take an internship, a member of the MCCNM faculty must approve it and students must have a 3.0 GPA in the MCCNM major.
  • To be an officially CSU-Pueblo sanctioned internship, students must enroll in MCCNM 494 (Field Experience) for 3, 6 or 9 credits.
  • The ratio of clock hours in the internship to credits received is 3:1 per week. Students enrolled for 3 credits work 9 hours per week earning 135 clock hours over the course of a 15-week semester. For 6 credits the student must work 18 hours per week or 270 hours over 15- week semester and for 9 credits there must be 27 hours per week worked or 405 clock hours over a 15-week semester.
  • Students enrolled in an internship are not to be considered employees of the organization in which they are serving, thus any liability that may take place rests with the university and the student, not the organization.
  • Students do not have to follow the academic calendar regarding beginning and ending dates of the internship. These dates are agreed upon between the student and the organization as long as the student fulfills the number of clock hours corresponding to the credits received.
  • The student's internship supervisor will be asked to provide a written evaluation of the student at the conclusion of the field experience.
  • Students must keep a journal regarding their thoughts, feelings and experiences during the course of the internship, and at the end, they must submit a written evaluation of the internship from their perspective. Students may also be required to provide samples of work they produced during the internship.
  • It is highly recommended that the organization remunerate the student intern in some way during or after the field experience, i.e., salary, stipend, scholarship and/or expenses.
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