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Emphasis Areas

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Students desiring a Mass Communications major are required to complete the 18 credit hour "core", 9 credit hours of applied electives, plus one of the three emphasis areas:

  • Electronic Media
  • Integrated Communication
  • Journalism

Students desiring a minor in Mass Communications must complete 21 credit hours approved by their minor area advisor and MUST include MCCNM 101 and 201 and six hours of upper division course work. The minor may not include more than 3 credits of laboratory work. 

Students with a minimum MCCNM GPA of 3.0 are encouraged to complete an Internship or "Field Experience" (MCCNM 494) in their junior or senior year.

Core CoursesCredit Hours
MCCNM 101 Media and Society 3
MCCNM 201 Introduction to Journalism 3
MCCNM 210 Introduction to Integrated Communications 3
MCCNM 220 Introduction to Electronic Media 3
MCCNM 411 Media Law 3
MCCNM 493 Mass Media Seminar 3
Total Credits 18
Applied ElectivesCredit Hours
MCCNM  211 Digital Publishing 3
MCCNM  222 Broadcast News Writing 3
MCCNM  232 Website Design 3
MCCNM  233 Scriptwriting 3
MCCNM  245 Digital Media Production 3
MCCNM  246 Advanced Digital Media Production 3
MCCNM  260 Digital Imaging 3
MCCNM  282   Digital Media Post-Production 3
MCCNM  317  Advertising Strategies 3
MCCNM  350 Advanced Media Lab (Rev 89, TODAY, KTSC-TV)   2, or 3
MCCNM  494 Field Experience (3.0 GPA in major required) 3,6 or 9
Total Credits 9
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