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Scholarship at CSU-Pueblo

CSU-Pueblo Digital Repository

The CSU-Pueblo Digital Repository is an open access showcase of research, scholarship, and creative works of Colorado State University-Pueblo faculty, staff, and students. It makes CSU-Pueblo’s intellectual output freely accessible to researchers around the world, enables rapid dissemination of research, ensures future, persistent, and reliable access to intellectual assets.

Faculty, students, and staff are encourage to self-archive their published and unpublished works by placing them in the repository for increased visibility and long-term preservation. No transfer of copyright is required, but published works may be subject to additional restrictions. 

This Repository is part of the Digital Collections of Colorado, a shared initiative of Colorado State University and the University of Colorado. It provides a stable and permanent home for scholarly works.

Services for authors and creators

The library can assist authors and creators by:

  • Consulting with you on how to check the copyright permissions associated with your published work;
  • Uploading your work into the repository and providing metadata (descriptive information);
  • Verifying and including the citation/publication details of your work within its metadata;
  • Converting any MS Word file(s) to PDF format (if required and appropriate) for storage and access within the repository;
  • Exposing your publication in the repository to make it available and discoverable to the global research community;
  • Abiding by and managing any embargos associated with your publication or work;
  • Determining the policies of publishers with regard to their copyright agreements with authors.


CSU-Pueblo faculty and staff

Author/creator submissions to the digital repository may include works including, but not limited to, conference papers and presentations, working papers, white papers, technical reports, approved student research, musical compositions, art, performances, books, and journal articles.

CSU-Pueblo colleges and departments may submit archival materials that document the history and intellectual life of the university.

CSU-Pueblo conferences

Authors/creators who prepare papers, posters, or other materials for university-sponsored conferences are also encouraged to submit their works to the repository.

CSU-Pueblo students

All graduate and undergraduate student theses will be accepted for deposit, as the University Library is the official archive for these documents. Graduate students are required to submit their thesis in accordance with the Library Thesis Binding Policy in order to graduate. Thesis submission instructions are covered in Thesis Support.

Students may also submit posters, presentations, papers, and other works. These submissions must be sponsored by a CSU-Pueblo faculty or staff member who deems the work suitable for the long term preservation and access provided by the repository. Students are also encouraged to submit academic papers to El Rio: A Student Research Journal for publication.

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