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Student Success


Teagan Boda

Law School Student

"Courses in the legal studies program helped me prepare for law school. The classes on the Constitution taught me what the founding fathers likely intended the Constitution to mean, and how to analyze documents related to constitutional law. At most law schools, first year students are required to take constitutional law. Thanks to the constitutional law background from the legal studies program, I had an easier time understanding the cases discussed in my law school’s constitutional law course. Courses in the legal studies program also aided me in enhancing my communication, critical thinking, and analyzation skills, which have been crucial throughout my law school career. The professors in the program were also terrific resources while I was applying to law school, and assisted me in ensuring I had the best application possible."

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Summer is Here.

Earn a $500 scholarship by enrolling in nine summer credits. Summer semester is a unique opportunity for our students and the perfect time to make progress in your degree.

Submit Your Vaccination Record

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Faculty, staff, and students can utilize our secure health portal to upload confidential vaccination records.

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