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Legal Studies

Minor in Legal Studies

The minor in Legal Studies provides students with a basic understanding of the American judicial and legal system, as well as courses designed to enhance critical thinking and analytic skill, and improve research practices, and communication skills, both oral and written.

Requirements for the Minor in Legal Studies

Core CoursesCredits
PHIL 204 Critical Reasoning
PHIL 205 Deductive Logic
POLSC 321 American Constitutional Development
POLSC 322 American Constitutional Law
POLSC 411 The U.S. Congress 3
HIST 415 Pivotal US Supreme Court Cases 3
Electives (any two of the following) 6
PHIL 204 or 205, whichever is not taken as a core course
POLSC 323 Criminal Law and Procedure
POLSC 340 Public Policy
HIST 410 Creation of the US Constitution
Total credits 18
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