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International Programs

International Prospective Students

Required Documents

International Application (undergraduate/graduate)

  1. $30.00 Application Fee for Undergraduate students and ELI applicants. $35.00 Application Fee for Graduate students. 
    (this should be an international money order with the Bank’s routing number on the check or Traveler’s Check) 
  2. Certified Documentation of financial support  
    (letter of financial support from sponsor and verifying bank statement) 
  3. ​Official TOEFL or IELTS scores  
    (not required of ELI applicants) 
  4. Official Transcripts 
    (high school, all colleges/universities attended. Please include High School diploma verifying graduation date )  Transcripts must be in both native language and ENGLISH  and must be either original documents or CERTIFIED school copies. Certified school copies must be certified after photo-copying.

PLEASE NOTE: If applying for admissions with a U.S. high school diploma, please submit official scores from the Scholastic Aptitude Test ( SAT) or the American College Testing (ACT).

Admissions Applications

Transfer International Student

A transfer student is someone who has attended or is currently attending an institution of higher education and has completed at least 13 transferable semester credits of college coursework with a minimum 2.3 G.P.A. (based on a 4.0 scale) Transfer Students, currently studying in the United States, please submit items from the required documents, 1 - 5, and the form listed below:

  • SEVIS Release Form if currently attending an ESL School, College, University, or high school in the United States.

If transferring from a public United States high school, and have obtained an F-1 visa on/after December 1, 1996, please provide proof of payment for the cost of such attendance (to the appropriate high school district) with the admission packet to CSU-Pueblo. 
Additional note: All incoming transfer students must have a 2.3 G.P.A.

Graduate International Student

Graduate Students, Please submit numbers 1-5 and 6 if transferring from another United States school, from the required documents Also please submit the following:

  • Official GMAT Score for the MBA program 
  • GRE Score for all other graduate programs Graduate school 
    applicants do NOT need to submit high school transcripts. Official 
    test scores must be sent directly to CSU-Pueblo by the Educational 
    Testing Service in Princeton, NJ, Using the CSU-Pueblo school 
    code 4611.  Photo copies of test scores may be submitted for  
    temporary use until official scores are received.

English Proficiency Requirements

Paper Test Computer Test IBT
Undergraduate 500 173 61
Undergraduate and Graduate Nursing 550 213 79-80
MBA 550 213 79-80
Other Masters Programs 
The IELTS may also be accepted with a satisfactory score.
500 173 61

Application Deadline (we will accept rolling applications after deadline)

Fall June 1
Summer March 1 
Spring November 1


As of September 1,2004 U.S. Immigration requires that all F-1 visa applications pay a fee and submit Form I-901. The form may be submitted online at the following website. The form can be downloaded from this link: Form I-901 . 

Below are a list of details regarding this form and fee: 
Fee: $200
SEVIS fee applications form: Form I-901
Procedures: (You must have a valid I-20 before proceeding)

  1. You must submit Form I-901 and pay the $200 fee prior to your visa interview.
  2. Complete the Form I-901 ( you must complete the form in English, answer all questions and write accurately and legibly). Forms that are incomplete, inaccurate, and/or impossible to read will be returned without processing.
  3. You must show a receipt that you have paid the $200 fee  DURING your visa interview.

Submitting the Form I-901 and $200 Fee: ( Choose one option only)

  1. You may compete Form I-901 online at the SEVP website (online processing is recommended and as it speeds the process and will help ensure that you have provided all the information correctly) Also a credit or debit card is required for this option.
  2. You may compete the I-901 form and mail it with the fee to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (U.S. Immigration Services) See mailing address below.
  3. You may also use Western Union Quick Pay if its available in your country. Please refer to the western union quick pay information below.

Method of payment:

  1. If you are mailing Form I-901 by postal service you must enclose an international money order or international bank draft drawn on a bank with U.S. affiliation  (your bank draft must include an international bank routing number). Your NAME and SEVIS ID number (refer to your I-20 for the number) must appear on the money order or bank draft. Please note: you cannot pay by credit or debit card if you are using the paper Form I-901 and mailing it.
  2. If you submit Form I-901 electronically (online) you may pay with credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express) or debit card (Visa or MasterCard). There will be instructions how to do this included with the online form I-901 at the SEVP website.

You may also pay by check or money order if you submit Form I-901 electronically. If using this method, you must print out a payment coupon. There is a control number on the top of the coupon. Write the control number, your name and your SEVIS Id number from your I-20 on your check (bank draft) or money order.

You may submit your I-901 information and pay the $200 fee electronically by using the Western Union Quick Pay option. 

Make Check or Money Order Payable to: 
I-901 Student/Exchange Visitor Processing Fee

  1. Write you name and SEVIS ID number on the check or money order
  2. Attach check or money order to the Form I-901 or payment coupon( if you submitted the form I-901 electronically)
  3. Mail your Form I-901 and payment to the address below.

Mailing Address: By regular international postal service 

I-901 Student/Exchange Visitor Processing Fee
P.O. Box 970020
St. Louis, Mo 63197-0020

By Courier Service ( add extra $30 for expedited service) 

I-901 Student/Exchange Visitor Processing Fee
2005 Convention Plaza
St. Louis, MO 63101

Next Step: Contact the nearest American Embassy Visa Section and arrange for an interview date. 

Please note: you must show a receipt verifying you have paid the fee during your interview. Therefore, it is extremely important to submit your Form I-901 as soon as possible to assure you receive your receipt in time for the interview.

SEVIS I-901 Fee payment by Western Union Quick Pay 

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has implemented and alternative method of payment for the student and exchange visitor information system (SEVIS) fee for international students and exchange visitors. Students and exchange visitors in more that 130 countries are able to pay the I-901 SEVIS fee locally using  Western Union Quick Pay service. 
This allows Western Union to collect the SEVIS I-901 fee ($200 in your own country currency) and the Form I-901 data. The fee and data will then be transmitted electronically to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement office in the U.S. You will receive a receipt at your local Western Union Office when you pay your $200 fee. This receipt serves as immediate proof of payment and you must show this receipt to U.S. immigration officials during your visa interview. This payment option is available in any country where Western Union offers its Quick pay service. 

The Western Union Quick Pay service allows you to send your payment electronically directly to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement office in the U.S. Simply bring your cash payment in local currency to a participation Western Union Office. Within minutes, U.S. immigration will receive a notification indicating you have made your SEVIS fee payment. 

Please Note: you must have access to a computer if you want to use this method of payment. 

Log onto the website and follow the instructions. 

More information on the SEVIS I-901 fee may be found on the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement website.
Thank you for visiting our website.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns!

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International Programs

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