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International Programs

International Programs

Welcome to the Center for International Programs and Inclusive Excellence

We are a 4000+ student campus, located in the heart of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. A small, regional comprehensive university, we are a state-funded public institution, with an overwhelmingly diverse and culturally-rich community of approximately 100,000 residents.

Fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, nearly half of our students are from traditionally under-represented nationalities, races, and ethnicities. So, obviously, we hold international students in high esteem.

Unlike other public institutions, CSU Pueblo offers nearly every international student some type of financial aid, be it grant monies, on-campus living assistance, guaranteed on campus employment, or various graduate assistantships and scholarships (academic and athletic). Students with a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale), with a valid student visa, and who attend all orientation activities prior to their initial semester of enrollment, are eligible for most of these automatic awards.

With some 28 different major degree programs, and double that number in minor options (not mandatory), there is a degree program for everyone available. In addition, we have eight graduate programs, all of which are supported by caring faculty and administrative staff, and an intensive English as a Second Language program(the English Language Institute (ELI)). For those lacking English proficiency, conditional admission is offered in order to assist with securing the proper visa.

The city of Pueblo has been ranked consistently among the best cities to live in the state of Colorado as well as nationally. Outside the classroom we foster an exciting, adventurous and social environment rich in culture, athletics, and all the beauty the Pikes Peak region has to offer. And with over 300 days of sunshine a year, people here have a healthy love for the outdoors. Also, the low cost of living, pollution and crime, make Pueblo one of the safest cities in which to live in the USA as well.

Last, but not least, CSU Pueblo offers a fully-staffed Center for International Programs, whereby, our one-stop-shop can assist with your application, admission, orientation, enrollment, immigration matters, graduation, and international alumni relations. The CSU Pueblo International Students Association (CISA) will see that your culture and customs are represented on our campus and help you to make new friends as you complete your educational journey with us.

Now that you know more about CSU Pueblo and our fine city, I invite you to apply for admission to our campus. With moderately selective admission standards, and rolling application deadlines, there is no reason not to apply today.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and welcome any questions or comments you may have regarding the international ThunderWolf experience at CSU Pueblo.

Frequently Asked Questions


    What is the weather like in Pueblo, Colorado?

    Pueblo is in a semi arid region, therefore, it is hot in the summer and cold (with snowfall) in the winter. Temperatures vary during the spring and autumn seasons. Suitable clothing can be purchased upon arrival, but items such as a winter coat (if arriving in January) should be brought from home if possible. The CIP homepage has a link to weather information (


    How do I file my income tax return(s) as an international student?

    Please review the Internal Revenue Service website for income tax preparation help by visiting:


    Can I use my international driver’s license in Colorado?

    Yes, the international driver's license can be used for driving in Colorado while you are a non-resident student.


    How much does it cost to buy a car and mandatory automobile insurance?

    The cost of a vehicle, as in any country, depends on the make, model and year of the car. Used cars are generally less expensive than new cars, but more money may be paid in maintenance costs over the driving period. Insurance costs vary according to a driver's gender, age, driving experience, and type of vehicle that is being insured. Discounts can be obtained through most insurance agencies for students who have good grades (good student discount). Liability vehicle insurance is the minimum insurance requirement in the state of Colorado and must be obtained upon purchasing a vehicle.


    Is it cheaper to live on campus or off?

    First of all, unmarried freshmen under the age of 21 must live in the residence halls for the first year of study. Although in general comparison it would seem that living off-campus is less expensive than the dormitory, once again, when a student considers the cost of food, transportation, etc., living on-campus has its advantages. Upperclassmen and graduate students may also choose to live on-campus in the Walking Stick Village Apartment complex. More information on housing can be obtained at: Housing website.


    Where are the ski resorts in Colorado and what is the cost to ski?

    Colorado has an abundance of snow skiing resorts (over 20), some within shorter distances of the campus. Visit for more specific information on various resorts. Also, the Experiential Learning Center, of the CSU-Pueblo campus, offers student trips throughout the ski season at greatly reduced cost. Check out the Outdoor Pursuits website for more information on pending and past trips.


    Will there be local food markets where I can buy food items from my country?

    There are ethnic food aisles in the major grocery stores in the Pueblo area. Also, Colorado Springs and Denver have various Asian food markets and other special interest stores.


    What is the public transportation system like in Pueblo?

    There is a public bus system in Pueblo that visits the campus throughout the day at 15-minute intervals. The buses do not run at night or on Sundays. Students can pay a monthly rate for citywide bus usage. Taxi service is also available, but is not as prevalent as in larger cities. Many students rely on bicycles to assist them with transportation needs.


    Can I speak or write to someone from my own country who is currently attending CSU-Pueblo?

    Yes, several students provide us with permission to give out their names, phone numbers, and email addresses. Just contact the CIP with your request.


    Are there additional scholarships available on campus, other than the ISIP?

    Are there additional scholarships available on campus, other than the ISIP?


    Does CSU-Pueblo offer ELI instruction?

    Yes, CSU-Pueblo offers ESL Instruction via the English Language Institute.


    When requesting official test scores from ETS, what institutional code should I use?

    The institutional school code for CSU-Pueblo is 4611.

    Admission Requirements:

    Completed application with fee ($30 for undergraduate students; $35 for graduate students). The fee must be an international money order, traveler's check, or a check written from a US bank with routing number.

    Proof of English proficiency (a minimum TOEFL score of 500 (paper based) is required for most programs nursing and the master of business administration programs require a minimum 550 TOEFL score)

    Transcripts - high school transcripts, verifying graduation, are required for undergraduate students. Transfer students must also provide college transcripts from each institution attended. The transcripts must be official and provided in both the native and English languages. Students graduating from US high schools must also submit an ACT or SAT score.

    Financial Certification - proof must be provided that enough funding is available for study/living at the CSU-Pueblo campus for a minimum of one year at the non-resident rate. This certification requires a letter from a sponsoring person/agency and accompanying bank statement showing sufficient funds are available. See financial information for current tuition rates.

    Graduate students must also submit the proper GRE or GMAT test score, and proof of bachelor degree (equivalency) completion.

    Transfer students within the usa must also provide proof that good VISA status has been maintained at the current or previous school. A formal release in the sevis system must also be provided by the current school to CSU-Pueblo.

    Center for International Programs
    Colorado State University-Pueblo
    2200 Bonforte Blvd.
    Pueblo, CO 81001 USA
    Phone: 719.549.2329
    Fax: 719.549.2221
    Please visit the application page (International Application) to apply for admission.

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International Programs

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