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International Programs


Students are expected to pay tuition and fees. Those who are living on campus are also expected to pay for room and board. ELI tuition is $3,000 per semester for the equivalent of a full-time 12-credit load. Mandatory student fees are currently about $900 per semester. Textbooks and supplies are around $430. These costs may fluctuate without prior notice.

Refund Policy

Students withdrawing from the University may collect tuition and fee refunds according to the following schedule:

  • Full refund through the end of drop period
  • A pro-rated refund through the ninth week of the semester
  • No refund after the ninth week of the semester


ELI students are registered by the ELI staff after the placement process is complete. This normally occurs in the first week of classes.

After they are registered, students can either pay the full amount in one payment or use the payment plan. This plan allows students to pay in three equal installments. There is an interest charge of 1.5% per month on the unpaid balance when using this plan.

Fall SemesterSpring SemesterSummer Semester
1st payment due August 20 January 20 May 20
2nd payment due September 20 February 20 June 20
3rd payment due October 20 March 20 July 20>
Vision 2028

Fall Convocation

Join us to learn, discuss, and participate in #VISION2028 activities throughout the week.

Convocation Schedule

International Programs

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