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Reporting to the University

Reporting Procedures

(A)    There are multiple options for reporting alleged violations of the Policy. If a Reporting Party wishes to report an allegation of prohibited conduct to the University, they should contact OIE, but may also may make a report by contacting a Responsible Employee. Reporting Parties also retain the right to file a complaint with law enforcement, and federal or state agencies.

(B)    Timeliness

(1)     Generally, there is no time limit for filing a Complaint or bringing a concern to the attention of OIE. However, delays in reporting may limit OIE’s ability to collect relevant and verifiable information, as well as limit the available options for remediation of any alleged violations of the Policy.

(2)     Law enforcement agencies, as well as federal and state administrative agencies, may have specific timeframes in which complaints or concerns must be filed (i.e. statute of limitations). Please contact the specific law enforcement agency or administrative agency regarding their specific statute of limitations and timeframes for filing a complaint.

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