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Research and Program Update

ICR Update September 2017

The Colorado legislature has approved a $1.8 million budget for the ICR in FY18. The continuing support of the state of Colorado is a testament to the ICR being a good steward of its government funding and accomplishing the following goals in its first year.

  • To develop an ICR management and research infrastructure.
  • To conduct multi-disciplinary cannabis research with CSU-Pueblo faculty and students.
  • To host an international cannabis research conference.
  • To create and publish the 2017 conference proceedings and the first Journal of Cannabis Research.

We are pleased to announce that we have reached an agreement with BioMed Central, a division of Springer Nature, a leading open access publisher, to establish the Journal of Cannabis Research (JCR) to provide a comprehensive platform for the latest multidisciplinary research on cannabis in society.

The ICR steering committee has worked diligently to prepare the FY18 budget, balancing the costs associated with expansion of the ICR research and management infrastructure, continuation of FY17 ICR research and the journal and conference, possible external partnerships, and new research funding going forward for FY18. Our FY18 priorities are driven by the ICR mission to “generate new knowledge of cannabis and its derivatives through research and education that improves lives and contributes to science, medicine and society.”

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