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Mission and Objectives


The Institute of Cannabis Research generates new knowledge of cannabis and its derivatives through research and education that improves lives and contributes to science, medicine and society.


  • To conduct independent, objective and unbiased research across multiple disciplines.
  • To promote responsible development of cannabis-related natural and derived substances.
  • To advance understanding of the scientific, legal, and socio-economic impact of cannabis on society.
  • To collaborate with the public and private sectors to address issues of public policy related to cannabis.

Research and Development will naturally lead to economic growth and job creation. ICR will also create new educational opportunities at CSU-Pueblo and graduate a workforce with the qualifications and standards required to lead the burgeoning cannabis industry centered in and around Pueblo, Colorado and nationwide.

Ethical and socially responsible activities

The Institute will promote the sound ethical/legal and socially-responsible utilization of cannabis by providing medical research, genetic development, analytical testing services, guidance for public policy-making, conceptualization and planning of new sustainable businesses, assistance with advertising and marketing strategies which will accurately inform the public and private sectors. The Institute will comply with Colorado and Federal laws in its work with cannabis and components thereof.

The Institute gratefully acknowledges year 1 financial support from local and state government, in particular Pueblo County (cannabis excise tax revenue stream) and from the state of Colorado (per SB 16-191).

Institute of Cannabis Research

Faculty and Staff

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