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Goals and Vision

2017-2018 ICR Goals

  1. Provide technical reports on the state and Pueblo County-funded research projects by December 2017.
  2. Host the first, national, multi-disciplinary research conference on cannabis, April 28-30, 2017.
  3. Publish the first peer-reviewed, multi-disciplinary Journal of Cannabis Research in 2018.
  4. Develop an infrastructure for institute management, oversight, coordination, and programming.
  5. Identify private and government partnerships that will expand on current research, offer new research possibilities, and further develop ICR programming.
  6. Enhance laboratories, technology, and equipment to ensure continuation of research and logistical support.
  7. Ensure the future success of the institute through diverse and sustainable funding sources.

Vision for the Future of the Institute of Cannabis Research

  1. Prioritize the cannabis-related areas of research, consultation, and programming in which the ICR can have the greatest impact.
  2. Ensure the future success of the institute by generating diverse and sustainable funding sources. Develop a budget plan that includes long-term funding from state and local government along with private sector research and/or industry contracts. Include intellectual property applications such as patents and licensing royalties.
  3. Develop a quality research and programming infrastructure that includes CSU-Pueblo faculty and students and strives for local, state, national, and international impact. Ensure excellent research laboratories, technology, equipment and logistical support for cannabis research. Build on 2017 CSU-Pueblo faculty cannabis studies and consider additional research strands that may include the humanities, sciences, technology, engineering, and math disciplines, as well as the cannabis industry development. Ensure the management infrastructure continues to support outstanding research, programming,communication, and outreach. Advance understanding of cannabis-related public policy and socio-economic issues by serving as a source of cannabis-related education and information.
  4. Expand the scope and impact of the international ICR Research Conference. Identify new programming and partnership opportunities for the annual research conference to expand its impact and relevance. Secure academic, government, and industry sponsors and underwriters. Maintain the distinguished keynote speaker for the Annual Mechoulam lecture. Provide opportunities to highlight Pueblo and southern Colorado for business and tourism.
  5. Publish the Journal of Cannabis Research twice yearly. Identify a distinguished editor and develop a distinguished editorial board of directors. Develop the journal management. Create a process for peer-review and selection of articles for publication.

Institute of Cannabis Research

Faculty and Staff

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