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Funding Opportunity

Request for Applications (RFA) for FY21 Research Funding

The ICR is in the process of finalizing its budget for FY21 as well as developing the Request for Applications. It is expected that the RFA for FY21 will be released in June 2020 with project start dates projected for early 2021. The ICR will make an announcement when the RFA is released and the full RFA and other details will be published on the ICR website at that time.

Funding Opportunity Update 07/2020

The global pandemic and subsequent economic downturn has had profound impacts worldwide. This is true for the State of Colorado and the ICR. The pandemic resulted in a postponement of the ICR Conference from April to August and a move from being in-person to virtual. Further, the economic downturn put constraints on the State’s Budget for Fiscal Year 21. As a result, the funds necessary to conduct an RFA and fund new research projects in FY21 are not available. The ICR anticipates the ability to fund new research projects that start at the beginning of FY 22.
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Get Ready for Fall 2020

Cross-campus plans have been developed that allow for in-person, hybrid, and online class experiences that will help you to tailor your schedule in a flexible way that meets your personal needs.

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