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Boards and Committees

Welcome to the ICR Boards and Committees page.
In an effort to maximize impact and ensure proper governance the ICR has historically and continues to interact with a variety of Committees and Boards.

Steering Committee and Working Groups
Colorado State legislation and funding for cannabis research at CSU Pueblo led to the creation of an overall Steering Committee and three Working Groups. The Steering Committee meets every other Monday from 1-2:30pm. Each Working Group has representation from each college/school/unit.
Research Advisory Board is created to enhance the ICR scientific research effectiveness, timeliness, and suggest important research directions. Cannabis scientific research represents a dynamic and changing landscape and the SRAB is intended to assist the ICR in identifying and maintaining activities at the cutting edge of cannabis research.


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Spring 2021 Semester Plans

Read CSU Pueblo's spring 2021 semester plans for academic instruction and campus operations. For up-to-date information visit the coronavirus website and refer to the Colorado COVID color dial for guidance.

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