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Boards and Committees

Welcome to the ICR Boards and Committees page. In an effort to maximize impact and ensure proper governance the ICR has historically and continues to interact with a variety of Committees and Boards.

The ICR Steering Committee has historically been involved in leading and guiding the ICR at CSU Pueblo. The initial legislation that led to the creation of the ICR in 2016 provided resources to support Cannabis Education and Research at Colorado State University Pueblo. The Steering Committee helped oversee the implementation of this mandate across the campus. The Committee has included representation from the campus Administration and Faculty invested in seeing the success of the ICR. With the passage of HB19-1311 in the spring of 2019, the mandate for the ICR as well a the governance of the ICR changed.  A Governing Board was created, and its members were announced in the fall of 2019. This shifted the role of the Steering Committee to being more advisory and ensuring good communication with stakeholders on the CSU Pueblo campus.  

Institute of Cannabis Research Governing Board

The Governing Board was created through HB19-1311.  The key roles of the eleven member Board are to guide the mission and budget of the ICR.  Other roles of the Governing Board include advising institutions of higher education developing cannabis related curricula and providing input to the Colorado Commission of Higher Education on new cannabis-related degrees and certificates, as well as lead efforts to secure resources to support the mission of the ICR.  The Governing Board meets on a monthly basis, and information related to the Board meeting can be found on the ICR Website.  Please see the link above for more information on the Governing Board and it's members.

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