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Mission and Objectives

The role and mission of the Institute of Cannabis Research are to conduct or fund research related to cannabis and publicly disseminate the results of the research. The Institute of Cannabis Research Governing Board oversees the institute and approves its annual budget. The Governing Board advises any Colorado institution of higher education that is developing a cannabis-related curriculum and provides input to the Colorado commission on higher education before it approves any cannabis-related degrees or certification.

The Institute of Cannabis Research manages the institute's budget and employees, oversees the research-funding process, delivers an annual symposium, and produces an annual report.

ICR Strategic Goals

  1. Conduct, Support, and Fund Innovative and Significant Cannabis Research - Increase and expand research expertise and funding across the topical areas specified in HB19-1311.
    1. Annual RFAs that fund and seed innovative cannabis research projects
    2. Incentivize collaborative research and research training across CO institutions
    3. Provide funds for competitive post-doctoral, graduate, or undergraduate training fellowships to support research
    4. Secure Roll Forward authority for 25% of research funding
  1. Expand Funding Capacity & Reputation
    1. Increase annual appropriation to $5.4 million by FY23-24 (needed to support an annual research funding competition)
    2. Establish scientifically significant collaborations with industry
    3. Develop and submit federal and non-profit grant proposals that can be used as leverage with other funding sources to support collaborative work across CO institutions
    4. Pursue opportunities for intellectual property or other sources of revenue to support ICR initiatives and mission
    5. Research the option of educational pursuits (e.g., certificate programs) be utilized as a revenue source
    6. Broadly distribute the ICR Annual Report to promote an understanding of the ICR and its activities
    7. Engage the State in support of unbiased, rigorous cannabis research
    8. Establish sustained and stronger public relations and media presence
    9. Highlight ICR supported research as well as quality cannabis research supported by other organizations and agencies
  1. Advocate for unbiased cannabis science, research, and infrastructure at state and national levels
    1. Provide statutory support for cannabis education programs at Colorado institutes of higher education.
    2. Disseminate cannabis research – e.g. through the annual ICR conference, increased engagement with other cannabis researchers nationally and internationally, and through the promotion of the Journal of Cannabis Research
    3. Establish sustained and stronger public relations and media presence
    4. Engagement with cannabis research institutes at other institutes of higher Ed.
    5. Engagement with local and national regulatory groups

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