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Cannabis Degree and Certificate Review Process

  1. The ICR Governing Board shall form a Cannabis Curriculum Subcommittee comprised of at least three Board Members including the Executive Director of the Colorado Department of Higher Education or his or her designee, a Board Member representing cannabis research, and a Board Member representing cannabis-related industries.
  2. Institutions developing cannabis related degree programs or certificates will provide the ICR Governing Board the program proposal that has been or will be submitted to its own governing board for consideration. Communications with the Governing Board including proposal submission can be done using The proposal shall address the following:
    • Demonstrated workforce/industry demand and student interest in the program 
    • Sufficiency of resources—including faculty expertise—to deliver a quality program
    • Program or certificate curriculum with course descriptions
    • Draft syllabi for any new courses that will be developed and offered as part of the proposed degree or certificate program. 
  3. The Subcommittee will review the plan for proposed degree or certificate program and consult with representatives of proposing institution providing feedback and recommendations. The Subcommittee shall seek to complete its review and consultation within 30 days of receiving the cannabis degree or certificate program plan from the proposing institution. The subcommittee may consider:
    • Does the proposed cannabis degree or certificate program meet the proposed purpose (e.g. Does the proposed course work address the proposed workforce/industry need)?
    • Does the proposed cannabis degree or certificate meet the needs of the State?
  4. The Subcommittee will present a summary of their review and feedback to the full Governing Board at the next regularly scheduled Board Meeting, or at a special Board Meeting if deemed appropriate by the Board Chair.
  5. The Subcommittee will draft a letter or memo summarizing their input and that from the full Board. The letter will be provided to the proposing institution and to the Department of Higher Education.

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CARES Funding is available for eligible students to help pay for cost of attendance needs such as food, housing, childcare, health care, course materials, technology, tuition assistance, and other critical needs.

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