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Self Help

Try This First

1. Reboot your computer

It is amazing how many problems can be resolved by shutting down your computer and turning it back on again.

2. Try a different browser

We find that most programs work best using Mozilla Firefox for a browser. But sometimes just a change from one to another will solve some small odd issues that appear.


    More Things to Try

    3. Disable pop-ups

    Many times pop-ups can be the cause of an issue. Disabling them can be helpful. Here is how to do it in FirefoxChrome, and Internet Explorer.

    4. Reset your password

    If you can't get logged in, this is the number one solution.

    5. Call Bill Gates

    If you can't get through to Bill, take a look at the rest of the self-help categories to see if they might help.


    Getting Logged In

    How do I change my password?

    Visit Current Students and select Password Help.

    What if I can't remember my security questions?

    The Help Desk can reset your security questions. Please call 719.549.2002 to reset your questions. Please have your PID and other personal information handy.

    Why do my passwords expire every 180 days and why can't I use the same password again?

    To keep your account secure, it is required to change your password every 180 days. Repeat passwords are not a secure method to operate with.

    I can't login to Blackboard, now what?

    Usually, a password reset will fix this problem. Visit Current Students and select Password Help.



    How do I configure email on my smartphone or tablet?

    Different devices have different locations of where to put in the specific settings. The basic settings on the Email Connections Settings page will help with the specifics of our email system.

    Can I keep my CSU-Pueblo email account after I leave the college?

    Student email accounts are active for one year after graduation. It is not possible to keep it beyond one year.



    Is there a guest wifi?

    Guest WiFi is available in the LARC, GCB, HSB and Technology buildings

    How do I get wifi on my laptop/smartphone/tablet?

    You need to register your devices for WiFi usage. Visit Current Students and select TWOLFnet.



    Can you help me fix my personal computer or laptop?

    We do not support personal devices. The ACM club will work on personal devices. They are located in HSB, room 121.

    What software comes installed on campus workstation computers?

    Software varies between labs but the standard software on every computer includes Microsoft Office 2013, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and the standard Microsoft apps.

    What do I do if I think my computer has been compromised by a virus, malware, or other outside sources?

    Change your password immediately and notify the Help Desk of your suspicions.

    Where can I find a computer lab to work in?

    The campus computers website has a list of all computer labs on campus and their availability.

    I'm a student and I need to print my document. Where can I go?

    The LARC has the largest open labs on campus. We recommend using the LARC computers for computer work and printing.



    I received an email asking for my password and other personal information. Is this legitimate, or is it a phishing scam?

    No legitimate department on our campus will ever ask you to login to a website via email. Do not click on any links. Contact the help desk and let us know.



    I can't login to Blackboard, now what?

    Usually, a password reset will fix this problem. Visit Current Students and select Password Help.

    Why can't I see my class in Blackboard?

    The instructor of your course has not made it available or has not added you to the course. Verify in PAWS you are registered for the course. If you are registered, call your instructor to inform them that your course is not visible.

    How do I make my Blackboard class available for students to see?

    When logged into Blackboard as an instructor, navigate to customization>properties>set availability. This short video demonstrates the process.

    Where can I find more Blackboard support?

    Instructional Technology has a large amount of self-help Blackboard videos on their YouTube Channel. You can also call Instructional Technology at 719.549.2024 or email at


    Getting Help

    How do I request help desk support?

    You can call the help desk at 719.549.2002 or email the help desk at

    How do I request Blackboard support?

    You can call Instructional Technology at 719.549.2024 or email Instructional Technology at

    How long until my computer issue or request is addressed at the Help Desk?

    It depends on how many work orders are in the queue and how many are ahead of your request.

    If giant mech robots were attacking the city, what should I do?

    The fuse box in a giant mech robot is located in the chest. Access the service ladder in the leg by destroying the lock on the emergency handle, and pull out all fuses to prevent more mayhem.


    Equipment Checkout

    How do I borrow A/V equipment?

    Instructional Technology has some equipment available for instructors to checkout and use in their classes. They can be reached at 719.549.2024

    Can I checkout a laptop or tablet?

    The Library Circulation Desk has technology items for checkout.


    DARSweb Guide

    DARSweb has went through some changes. Here are some guides on the New DARSweb, Logging Into DARS, and How to Process an Exception. 

    New DARSweb 

    Logging Into DARS as an Advisor 

    Logging Into DARS as a Student 

    How to Process an Exception

If your issue is not resolved after looking into these self-help solutions, call or submit a request below. We can help!

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