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IT Initatives

Information Technology Initiatives (ITI)

The Information Technology Initiatives (ITI) program is a way to describe the projects that will refresh many of the core business software systems used by CSU Pueblo in a collaborative effort to transform and streamline core operational and administrative processes.

It is the largest technology improvement program ever undertaken at CSU Pueblo. ITI is necessary to ensure we have the capability and capacity in our process infrastructure to meet the needs and objectives of the strategic initiatives including:


    Increasing Our Appeal

    Prospective students can discover the appeal of CSU Pueblo in a number of ways, but the recruitment and admissions process should be a continuation of that experience.   Imagine enrollment processes being so efficient and effortless that it becomes “hazardous” to visit the campus or website because of the likelihood of finding oneself enrolled in classes. Obviously, we are not there yet.

    Our departments and staff that are involved in the many aspects of enrollment are amazing, creative and passionate, yet they will still be limited by the systems they use and the processes it requires to work with them.

    The ITI program targets these key systems, acknowledging the need for flexibility and capability to enable process change in order to achieve this goal of streamlined and “effortless” enrollment. Examples of core systems impacting enrollment include:


    Enhance Student Success

    Expectations, expectations, expectations. Students enroll because they are choosing a personal, often exploratory path of life change.  When they choose us, they are choosing a partner to help them on that journey. But like every relationship, it will succeed or fail based on expectations.

    Student expectations are closely tied to the quality of their experience of CSU Pueblo in many areas. The systems we use directly impact our ability to provide quick and effective handling of student needs financially, academically, technologically, when they need extra help with life’s challenges or in navigating the many opportunities and forms of support and quality-of-life that the University provides.

    Examples of core systems impacting retention:

    • WiFi and other technologies that impact experience in classrooms, labs, residence halls, etc.
    • Learning Management Environment
    • Curriculum design and management
    • Advising Systems

    Enhancing Employee Satisfaction

    Good information systems should empower those who use it.  While there are no “silver bullet” systems that can ensure all employees are rock stars, insufficient or improperly applied technology can obstruct employees from coming up with better solutions and processes.

    Working with clunky or outdated systems that require work-arounds, additional manual processes, and endless amounts of patience, only erodes job satisfaction and a desire for employees to improve themselves and their situations.

    Core technology systems are meant to do the heavy lifting of data processing that enables employees to do more and be more than they could without them. One of the principal goals of ITI is to achieve a better overall experience for every employee and improve the quality of working life here at CSU-Pueblo.   

All of the above will require agile, sustainable and supportive core systems. Therefore, IT is essential to ensuring that our business systems and processes can adequately support our mission to become the people’s university of the southwest United States by 2028.

ITI In-Scope Projects

Projects that have been identified to be included in the Core Systems Renewal program campaign will fall into a category of IT Project Governance that:

  • Are identified by the Cabinet-approved IT Governance Council as a system critical (core) to University function.
  • Will receive pre-approved priority for IT project management hours.
  • Have identified Principals/Sponsors, project charter and description online.
  • Will receive elevated visibility in campus opt-in communications.

IT Projects designated as ITI Projects have been identified as having a broad impact that are critical to the functioning of the university’s core functions in several key areas such as Technology Infrastructure, Student & Academic Services and Business Systems:


    Technology Infrastructure

    The State of Colorado has invested in CSU Pueblo over the last 5 years to upgrade the physical computing environment that has included data center refresh and an overhaul of our network switches and fiber infrastructure. Building on this foundation, ITI Projects will include a new student information system, new secure electronic identity architecture and electronic mail platform to name a few. 

    Learn more about each project:

    • Student Information Systems / ERP (Banner)
    • Security Fabric
    • Email Upgrade
    • Automated Computer Access (CRA process)

    Student & Academic Services

    Serving the needs of our student community, whether they are prospective students, enrolled in classes or engaging our campus from other institutions, our ability to serve is either hindered or helped by the technology systems we use. CSU Pueblo IT is committed to providing a robust set of tools for students and those who serve them. 


    Business Systems

    Here at CSU Pueblo, we work hard and love what we do. But things should never be harder than they need to be because of shortcomings in our systems and processes. The following projects are critical to our institution’s ability to serve our employees and continue making this a great place to work and thrive.


CSR Projects will take priority in the overall project management allocation of staff hours. The Information Technology’s first priority is always to provide technology services in support of the University’s normal operations.The hours available to work on projects are scarce and must be managed carefully through priority governance. Projects that are identified as in-scope to be included in the CSR program will receive higher priority than non-CSR projects.

ITI Program Governance Team

Commitment to Communication

The ITI program has a lot of interdependent moving parts that will impact every member of our campus community in some way. The success of these many projects depends largely on managing expectations of everyone involved and impacted.

This will not only require a regular dissemination of information and status updates, but also ample opportunity for feedback and input from all stakeholder and community members. In order to keep abreast of developments, we are making available several opt-in mailing lists to help keep you informed as well as making information available in the Email Digest and as informational opportunities at various campus meetings. 

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