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Getting Started for Faculty and Staff

Faculty/Staff Portal

The Faculty/Staff Portal is a one-stop shop for important links and information for Faculty and Staff. Most resources talked about on this page can be accessed on this portal. Access the Faculty/Staff portal here:

Computer Access

After completion of basic new hire paperwork, new employees should work with their department to submit a computer resource application (CRA) to obtain an eAccount for computer and email access. This form may need to be filled out multiple times in the future for additional access to resources as they are needed. Examples are Kuali, AIS, Blackboard, EMAS, PAWS etc...

eAccount Setup

This is required before you can access Email, Blackboard & Connect to the Wifi
  1. Click Password Help from the Faculty and Staff.
  2. Click Set or Reset your password to change your default password and activate your eAccount services
  3. Your eAccount services are now activated.

Please allow up to 15 minutes for your Email and Blackboard account passwords to be synchronized.

Accessing your Email

Once your eAccount has been created you may choose to receive email via Microsoft Outlook on your campus computer or via the Outlook Web Access which is linked on the Faculty/Staff Portal. Email can be added to your smart device by following these email connection settings.

Desktop Hardware / Software

Most faculty and staff are provided with a computer in their offices. The campus standard office computer is a Dell. Your department chair or supervisor, along with IT will assist you in determining the proper hardware for your needs. Desktops are installed with a suite of software which includes Windows 7, Office 2013, Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer.

SPSS Commuter License


Most departments have at least one networked printer for faculty and staff to use. Contact the help desk if you are unable to print.

Network Space

Each individual is allotted 100 MB of storage space on the file server (L Drive) and 250 MB storage space on the Exchange (email) server. Network space is at a premium so utilize it sparingly. Contact your supervisor to find out if there is a shared departmental drive space.

Phone Voice Mail

IT provides telephone services in faculty and staff offices. This user guide can be helpful to explain usage. Contact Telecommunication Serviceswith further questions.

Connect Your Device

TWOLFnet allows personal devices to be connected to wifi on campus. Connect personal devices with these easy steps.

  1. Click TWOLFnet from Faculty and Staff.
  2. Enter your eAccount username and password.
  3. Register any personal devices you intend to use the university internet service. You will need the device MAC Address to register, help to find this is available on the web form.

Employee Portal

This portal provides a place to access pay stubs, enter leave request, and view leave balances. Contact the help desk for login credentials for first-time access.

Personal Access to Web Services (PAWS)

Instructors with PAWS access (requires CRA) will be able to enter No Shows, Athletic Grade Checks, Early Alerts, and Final Grades. Contact the help desk for login credentials for first-time access.


Blackboard is the learning management system on campus. Instructors will be added to Blackboard once they are listed as Instructor of Record for a course. With help on using Blackboard, contact Instructional Technology to set up an appointment or get started in the Self-Paced Blackboard course.

Additional Resources

IT Help Desk

Library and Academic Resources


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