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Welcome to Your New Electronic ID

Your CSU Pueblo login ID is being replaced by a CSU System electronic ID called a “NetID.”   You will start using this new login to access your computer, email and Blackboard after December 18th, 2020Here is a list of systems and what login they require until they are finally integrated with NetID.   It is critically important for you to go in and claim your NetID using the instruction links below.

Why NetID?

Your old familiar login IDs are based on our legacy AIS system, which is being replaced by the Banner system.  Banner provides a unique identifier for every member of our campus including all students, faculty, staff and anyone who has a record in the system and needs access to our computer network.  

This new electronic identity is also being adopted by our System partners in Fort Collins. Using the latest technology, we are designing this NetID together in order to provide opportunities for our campuses to collaborate closer, share resources and provide a better student experience across the CSU System.

What your new NetID looks like:

Your login ID will no longer look like firstname.lastname (example:  john.doe ). This old type of login ID is also less secure since it is easy for a hacker to guess.  Instead, your new ID will be a unique number assigned to you that will never change.  It will start with a “C” followed by 9 digits, like the following example:





 Once assigned, you’ll need to memorize it.  This will be your permanent login ID as a member of the CSU community and will also replace your PID as the unique identifier to track all of your CSU Pueblo records.

Goodbye to PID? Really?

Yes.  Our legacy Administrative Information System (AIS) created PIDs as the unique identifier for everyone's records.   But since AIS is being replaced by Banner as the source of electronic ID, PID numbers are going away too.  But the new NetID will not only replace PID as your unique ID for CSU Pueblo, it will also be your unique ID for the entire CSU System member institutions including CSU Fort Collins.  

Designed with collaboration in mind

 Changing our electronic ID is a big deal.  This is a rare occurrence for any organization.  But we recognized the unique opportunity to work together with our partner campus in Fort Collins to devise a brand new identity schema that both campuses will adopt together.

 This represents a major milestone in our evolution and partnership as equal CSU System members and will open many possibilities for shared resources and future collaboration.  We are working together to extend our ‘Security Fabric’ of electronic identity and access systems beyond our campus borders and encompass all of CSU System institutions (CSU Global will have the option to utilize this same Security Fabric in the future as the need develops).

Get your NetID!

Your NetID is being generated by the Banner system and will be made available for Employees to obtain from inside the CSU Pueblo Employee Portal. Students will obtain their NetIDs online through PAWS.  

When we return from 2020-2021 winter break, all employees and students will use their new NetID login to access computer resources.  

Stay informed!

To keep up-to-date on the latest on this ID project as it continues, keep an eye on our Information Technology Updates Blog.  Bookmark it or sign up with your email to get updates as they are posted. 

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