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Learning Outcomes & Curriculum

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Learning Outcomes

  • Students will formulate and develop arguments with sufficient support, including reasoning, evidence, and persuasive appeals, with proper attribution as needed.
  • Students will integrate knowledge from diverse perspectives, disciplines, and skill sets, both theoretical and applied, to hone them into arguments and/or strategies.
  • Students will apply discipline-specific as well as cross-discipline-based knowledge to design, execute, and report on a particular problem-solving strategy.
  • Students will make substantial leadership contributions to advancing personal and group work.
  • Students will behave ethically as demonstrated in all performance categories, including classroom, extracurricular, community-based service learning, and independent research areas.


Honor 101: Foundations of Knowledge 1
Honor 101L: Foundations of Knowledge Lab 1
Honor 201: Art & Science of Human Exp. 2
Honors GenEd course (x2) 6
Honor 310: Group Project 3
Honor 380: Service Learning 2
Honors Upper-Division course 3
Honor 481: Senior Thesis 3

Honors Program

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