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HIST101: World Civilization to 1100 3 (3-0)
Cultural and political growth of civilizations from prehistoric times to 1100; emphasis on the unique contributions of independent cultures to world history. (*) (F, S)

HIST102: World Civilization From 1100 to 1800 3 (3-0)
Cultural and political interaction of civilizations from 1100 to 1800; emphasis on common problems and goals of mankind. (*) (F, S)

HIST103: World Civilization Since 1800 3 (3-0)
Cultural and political interaction of civilization since 1800; emphasis on conflict and resolution. (*) (F, S)

HIST136 (CS 136): The Southwest United States 3 (3-0)
This course traces the culture and historical development of the southwestern United States, including cultural contributions of the American Indian and Hispanic peoples. (F)

HIST201: U.S. History I 3 (3-0)
United States history from founding of North American colonies to 1877 Reconstruction era. (*) (F, S)

HIST202: U.S. History II 3 (3-0)
United States from 1877 Reconstruction era to contemporary era. (*) (F, S)

HIST295: Independent Study (1-3 VAR)
An individualized program of study designed by ranked, full-time History professor for a promising student. Prerequisite: Permission of Instructor. (*)

HIST300: Historiography 3 (3-0)
Enhances student knowledge of historical profession through developing historical research skills. (*) (F, S)

HIST301: America to 1787 3 (3-0)
History of America during the colonial and revolutionary eras.(*)

HIST302: America, 1787-1877 3 (3-0)
History of the United States during the early national and Civil War eras. (*)

HIST303: America, 1877-1945 3 (3-0)
History of the United States from the Gilded Age to 1945.(*)

HIST304: America, 1945-present 3 (3-0)
History of the United States from 1945 to the present.(*)

HIST311: History of United States Foreign Policy 3 (3-0)
United States foreign policy from the founding of the republic to the present. (*)

HIST312: Colorado History 3 (3-0)
History, government and economic factors important to the settlement and development of Colorado. (*)

HIST346 (CS 346): History of Mexico 3 (3-0)
This course surveys the major political, economic, social and cultural developments of Mexico from pre-Columbian times to the present. (S)

HIST362: History of Russia 3 (3-0)
Cultural and political development of Russian and Soviet history from 800 to the present; emphasis on impact of the Bolshevik Revolution on history. (*)

HIST372: History of Modern China 3 (3-0)
Cultural and political developments in modern China; emphasis on the interplay between Chinese tradition and western challenges. (*)

HIST395: Independent Study (1-3 VAR)
An individualized program of study designed by a ranked full-time Historian for a promising student who has demonstrated ability in a regular History class. Prerequisite: Previous work in History and permission of Instructor. (*)

HIST411: American Labor History 3 (3-0)
History of Labor in the United States. Examines history of American workers, the unions they organized and considers the changing nature of work. (*)

HIST413: American West 3 (3-0)
Role of the individual and the group in the development of the frontier into the 20th century. Prerequisite: permission of instructor.(*)

HIST414: American Civil War 3 (3-0)
Social, cultural and political developments that caused the sectional crisis, secession, and war. War coverage includes military strategy, politics, diplomacy, and emancipation(*)

HIST415: Historical Biography 3 (3-0)
Introduction to biography as a form of history. Students select, study and critique the lives of great men and women. (*)

HIST417: Hollywood and History 3 (3-0)
Course examines how Hollywood has treated historical themes. What are the different factors that go into filmmaking decisions?

HIST427 (WS 427): Women and Gender in European History 3 (3-0)
Examines impact of women and ideas about gender on aspects of European history since 1500 and examines impact of historical changes on women and gender. Prerequisites: HIST 103 or permission of instructor. (*)

HIST428 (SOC, WS428): Women & Work 3 (3-0)
Examines historical and contemporary issues for women of various economic, social, and ethnic groups, especially in the US; examines gender ideologies about paid. unpaid work. Prerequisite: junior or senior standing or permission of instructor. (*)

HIST446: History of Empires (500-1500) 3 (3-0)
Survey of the rise of great empires of the world, including Arab, Gupta, T'ang, Sung, and Yuan empires to 1500. (*)

HIST447: History of the Decline of Empires (1500-Present) 3 (3-0)
Survey of the decline of empires and the impact of European conquest in all areas of the world. WWI and WWII are included in this course. (*)

HIST456: Medieval Europe 3 (3-0)
Changes and continuities, important events, movements, and social and cultural changes of the medieval period of European history (S)

HIST457: Early Modern Europe 3 (3-0)
Important events, movements, and social changes of the early modern period of European history, including the Renaissance, Reformation, Absolutism, the Scientific Revolution, and the Enlightenment. (F)

HIST458: Modern Europe 3 (3-0)
Important changes and continuities in recent European history, including the effects of the Industrial Revolution, Victorian culture and society, science and technology, rivalries, and fascism. (S)

HIST468: Military History 3 (3-0)
Introduction to military history from 1700 to the present. Covers changes in policy, structural organization, planning strategies, technology, and social impact (S/E)

HIST489 (CS 489): Borderlands 3 (3-0)
History of the Mexican cession to the United States from its Indian and Hispanic origins to the present. Prerequisite: CS/HIST 136 or HIST 201 or HIST 202 or HIST 211, or permission of instructor. (*)

HIST491: Special Topics (1-3 VAR)
Prerequisites: junior or senior status with adequate preparation and permission of instructor. (*)

HIST493: Seminar 3 (3-0)
Seminar devoted to special topics and issues in history; emphasis on research paper. Prerequisite: advanced standing with a major or minor in history, or permission of instructor.

HIST495: Independent Study (1-3 VAR)
An individualized program of study designed by a ranked full-time Historian for a History major or minor. Prerequisite: History major or minor and permission of Instructor. (*)

HIST498: Internship (3-6 VAR)
For advanced students. Practical experience through internship with museums, libraries with historical collections, and other community organizations. Prerequisites: hist. 300 and permission of the instructor. A maximum of six credit hours applies to the requirements of the major.(*)

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