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    Mario Arellano

    Mario ArellanoHello, my name is Mario Arellano and I am a Pueblo native with an extreme passion for studying the past. A graduate of a local high school, history was always something that intrigued me both inside and outside the classroom. That being said, I knew upon my entrance into college that I wanted to study history. I received my BA in History in the spring of 2009 from Colorado State University-Pueblo, and will graduate with my MA in the spring of 2013.

    My earliest memories in the History Program at CSU-Pueblo are that of being in a small class with very engaging professors. Coming from many different backgrounds, the professors themselves have maintained quality and caring relationships with me and other students throughout the course of my college experience.

    As a teacher, evening classes work well to accommodate my busy schedule, and the knowledge I’ve received has helped me engage younger students with minimal understandings of “why things are the way they are.” Without a doubt, the opportunity to work with such encouraging professors is second to none, and I would encourage anyone who enjoys learning about the past to capitalize on the opportunity to acquire knowledge from a collection of brilliant minds in a student friendly classroom setting.


    Rick Archuletta

    Rick ArchulettaI am Rick Archuletta and I live and work in Fountain, Colorado as a secondary educator. I earned my Master's degree in United States History from Colorado State University-Pueblo. As a working professional, it was important for me that a graduate school program allowed me to advance my career while also accommodating my working schedule. The Master's program from CSU-Pueblo was exactly what I needed because I could complete all of the required coursework by enrolling in summer sessions and attending evening classes during the regular school year. The class sizes are small and the courses are taught by several dynamic historians who bring their expertise and passion to the subject. The professors use current historical research and monographs to teach their courses and they make themselves available to provide extra assistance upon request.

    The Master's program at CSU-Pueblo has greatly improved my writing and research skills. Through the program I have conducted historical research on the Chicano Rights Movement in Colorado and I have had opportunities to present my work. In 2012, I presented research at the Society for the Interdisciplinary Study of Social Imagery conference held in Colorado Springs, Colorado. In the fall of 2013 I will present at the Western History Association's annual conference held in Tucson, Arizona. My conference presentations cover material from my thesis, Reclaiming Aztlan: Southern Colorado and Chicano Activism of the 1970s. I was able to research and write this thesis utilizing materials from the Ethnic Heritage & Diversity Archives held in the special collections section of the archives at the University Library. This archival collection is fundamental to understanding the role of the Chicano Movement in Colorado as well as placing regional history into the context of larger events from our past. Participants in the Master's program can use this growing archival collection to produce new historical works that can inform future generations. The MA in History from Colorado State University-Pueblo has allowed me to become a better educator, writer, and historian. It will prepare you to become a highly qualified educator or to pursue higher education.


    Anthony Greco

    Hello, my name is Anthony Greco and I am in the final semester of attaining my master's from CSU-Pueblo. I live in Colorado Springs where I teach US history at Fountain Fort Carson High School. My time spent at this university has translated exponentially into the classroom. The readings, historical writing emphasis, research skills, and critical analysis of periods in US history have enhanced my level of content knowledge. Further, it has enabled me to increase my focus on multiple perspectives of historical concepts. The knowledge and skills I have attained directly benefit the education of my students.

    My experience at CSU-Pueblo has been extremely positive based on the small class sizes and "welcoming" learning environment created by the history department. This opportunity would have been impossible without the ability to take night courses correlating to my busy career schedule. Likewise, the flexibility of the professors to open up their personal time to discuss my work and assignments has been magnificent. It has allowed my dream of writing a quality master thesis to become a reality.

    The entire process at CSU-Pueblo has guided me to further my education and become a reputable writer. In doing so, I have become a better teacher, student, researcher, and overall historian. Their guidance and advice has opened additional doors to workshops, events, strategies and field studies that I use in my classroom daily. I am grateful for the opportunities and contacts that I have acquired during my studies at CSU-Pueblo. They will last a lifetime.</


    Margaret Herdeck

    Margaret HerdeckLooking for an exciting career change? A post-retirement, post-graduate intellectual challenge involving in-depth examinations of some past historical period or person? Enroll in the Colorado State University-Pueblo's Graduate History program now.

    After almost twenty years practicing law (including clerking for an appellate court judge for two years), I needed a big break. I found it in the Masters in History program at CSU-Pueblo in 2010. I have completed all of the coursework for the Masters in History, and even taken other classes outside the History program such as Philosophy and Spanish to supplement the writing and research skills needed in my particular areas of historical interest. I am now finishing up a Master's thesis under the guidance of leading early American scholar, Dr. Matt Harris. The subject of my thesis is New York Founding Father John Jay (1745-1829), the nation's first Chief Justice of the U. S. Supreme Court, and his role in the early years of the American Revolution. I have received a small travel grant from CSU's graduate research program to visit New York to conduct research. I spent a week at Columbia University's Rare Book and Manuscript Library in New York City going through the Jay papers there and visited the two Jay homesteads in Rye and Bedford, Westchester County, north of New York City.

    I had no idea when I joined the CSU-Pueblo MA-History program that I would become hooked on the American Revolutionary era, but it has been an invigorating journey so far, made possible in great part by the excellent professors and library resources available at CSU-Pueblo. Based on my professional and educational background, which is extensive, I have no hesitation in warranting that you will receive as much enthusiastic attention and support as you could hope for at CSU-Pueblo's Masters in History program. I would be happy to discuss my experience at CSU with anyone interested in joining CSU-Pueblo's Masters in History program.


    Britney Titus

    Britney TitusMy name is Britney Titus and I began the Masters Program in History in the summer of 2011, immediately following the completion of my Bachelor's degree in History. The experiences I had with both the students and the faculty throughout my time as an undergraduate served as the encouragement to pursue my masters. During the last two years, I have had both the privilege and the honor of working with some of the most astounding professors who constantly motivate me to become not only a better thinker, but also a better writer. In each class, I have gained skills, such as how to research properly and how to critically think, which helped me in my experiences as a first-year teacher as well as a future doctoral student in history.

    The Masters Program at CSU-Pueblo has also given me countless opportunities that I would have not had otherwise as a graduate student. In the last year, two of my professors helped me to seek publishing opportunities that not only helped build my resume, but also gave me practical application for the real world. I also had the opportunity to attend the National Conference for History Education this past March, where I saw conference presentations about how to enhance curriculum. I also had the chance to visit local historical sites, such as Thomas Jefferson's Monticello, which brought to life my many years of study. This conference gave me one of the best experiences of my life as a student in history and broadened my perspective about my own education as well as how to educate others. The Masters Program as a whole has allowed me to grow intellectually and will undoubtedly serve as a firm educational foundation for the rest of my life.


    Noelle Reed

    Noelle ReedMy name is Noelle Reed. I am currently in my last semester of the History MA program at CSU-Pueblo. I also finished my BA in History with a minor in English at the University. My time in the Master's program has been a valuable learning experience where I have been able to take a range of courses in American history. The program also allowed me to focus on areas I was interested in, including women's history. In my research course, I was able to work with the local archives at the Bessemer Historical Society in order to complete my project. It was especially useful in both practicing my research skills and presenting my project at the end of the semester. Throughout my time at CSU-Pueblo, my professors have always been helpful and encouraging in my studies. Overall, I have had a rewarding experience in the MA program.

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