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Graduate Programs

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The goal of the Master's of Business Administration program is to prepare students for high-level management careers in business and other organizations. Students acquire an understanding of management theory and application; the economic, political and social environment in which businesses function; and behavioral skills that are essential in the manager’s role in the implementation of business decisions. The Master's of Business Administration program provides an environment conducive to the development of each student’s ability to think in a creative and effective manner. The program makes extensive use of lectures, group projects, and case studies that are designed to demonstrate the integrative, interdisciplinary nature of business decisions.   

The Master's of Business Administration program is the program of choice for students in southern Colorado as well as for international students around the globe. Students choose our program for many reasons:

  • Reputation and quality of faculty
  • Small class size and access to faculty
  • Modern facilities and state-of-the-art technology
  • Expedited program catering to the working professional
  • Professional advising staff
  • Affordability


The program is open to all applicants with a bachelor’s degree, regardless of the undergraduate field of study. Students without prior business course work will be required to take leveling courses in financial accounting (ACCTG 201 or ACCTG 501, business statistics (BUSAD 265), microeconomics (ECON 201 or ECON 501), finance (FIN 330 or FIN 501), management (MGMT 201 or MGMT 501), and marketing (MKTG 340 or MKTG 501). Additionally, a front-end writing sample will be taken from all students to determine if there is a need for developmental work.  Students who earn less than a “C” in any leveling course will be dismissed from the program. Graduate students are required to complete all leveling course requirements before enrolling in the first 500-level courses. In some instances, a student will be permitted to enroll in 500-level courses while completing the final leveling courses.

All MBA students are required to take the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT). An admission formula of 200 times the undergraduate GPA (4.000 system) plus the GMAT score will constitute a scaled admission score for each applicant. Graduate students must have a baccalaureate degree from an accredited university of college, a minimum GMAT score of 400, and must have an index score of 1000 or better. A current listing of GMAT testing sites may be found at Please send a copy of your GMAT scores to CSU-Pueblo by the code 05XN225.

For an online application, please visit admissions.​​​

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Summer is Here.

Earn a $500 scholarship by enrolling in nine summer credits. Summer semester is a unique opportunity for our students and the perfect time to make progress in your degree.

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