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Biology 3+2 PLAN (BS/MS)

A feature of the Biology MS program is the 3+2 plan which gives qualified advanced-level undergraduate students the opportunity to simultaneously pursue both the Baccalaureate (BS) and Master of Science (MS) degrees. With this plan, students are moved quickly toward expanding their academic and scientific horizons based on the student’s abilities and personal motivation. Students in the 3+2 plan are expected to successfully complete the requirements for both the BS and MS degrees by the end of their fifth year in college. Students are simultaneously awarded both the BS and MS degrees in five years, thus shortening the normal time to receive both degrees from six years to five years. They must apply and be admitted into the Biology MS program by the Spring semester of their junior year (preferred) or by the start of the Fall semester of the senior year and meet the course requirements listed below. Students applying to the 3+2 plan must have a minimum 3.0 overall GPA and a minimum 3.25 GPA in their biology coursework. The application file for admission to the 3+2 plan must include:

  1. A completed Biology MS application form;
  2. A CSU-Pueblo transcript;
  3. Two letters of recommendation from CSU-Pueblo faculty; and
  4. A statement of research interests.
  5. Combined GRE scores above 300 (students may be admitted into the 3+2 program before taking the GRE; however, they must submit satisfactory GRE scores by the last day of finals at the end of their first semester in the 3+2 Biology MS program to remain in the program).

Before being admitted to the 3+2 plan, students are expected to have completed or be enrolled in the following course work.

Course Title
BIOL    301/L Gene​​ral Microbi​ology + Lab
BIOL    350/L ​Mendelian and Population Genetics
BIO    351/L  Molecular Biology and Genetics
CHEM    302/L ​Organic Chemistry II + Lab
PHYS       202/L Principles of Physics II + Lab
MATH     156   Introduction to Statistics
MATH     221 Applied Calculu​s: An Intuitive Approach


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