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Degree Requirements

The course of study requires eight semester credits of work common to all students. Additionally, each student must select an emphasis area with a core of three to four semester credits. Twelve to seventeen credits in elective courses are also required, depending on which option is chosen. The thesis option requires successful completion of six semester credits of thesis research (BIOL 599) and an approved thesis. The non-thesis option requires successful completion of four semester credits of Internship Seminar. The program of study for each student must be approved by a graduate committee and the Program Director. Thesis option students are required to defend their research results before a thesis defense committee. A non-thesis option student must complete a comprehensive exam, submit a formal written report based on an internship, and defend their internship work before their graduate committee. Program requirements are summarized as follows:


BIOL 510

Math 550 3
BIOL 598
BIOL 599 6
BIOL 593 1
BIOL 588
BIOL 589 1

(non-thesis option)

BIOL 510

Math 550 3
BIOL 598 4
BIOL 593 1
BIOL 588 1

Core Courses


BIOL 540/L

3-4 3-4
BIOL 543/L
BIOL 552/L
BIOL 553/L
Electives 12-13 16-17
Total 30 32

Specific course numbers, course titles, and credit hours for all core requirements, emphasis core requirements, and electives are cited as follows:

Required General Courses

BIOL 510​ ​Foundations in Grad​uate Studies ​3
​BIOL 593 ​Seminar ​1
​MATH 550 ​Statistical Methods​ ​3
​BIOL 588 ​Internship Seminar ​1
​BIOL 589 ​Thesis Defense ​1
​Total: 8

Required BIOLogical Sciences Core Courses

Students will take one of the following courses:

​BIOL 540/L ​Molecular Genetics/Lab ​3
​BIOL 543/L ​Limnology/Lab ​4
​BIOL 552/L Advanced Microscop​y/Lab ​4
​BIOL 553/L ​Ecology/Ecology Field Studies ​4
​Total: 3-4

Elective courses are selected from courses listed below: (others may be added, with permission as new courses are added, or from other areas of study, for example biochemistry).

BIOL 502​ ​Immunology  ​3
​BIOL 503 ​Virology  ​2
​BIOL 512/L ​Cellular BIOLogy/Lab ​4
​BIOL 513/L ​Plant Physiology/Lab ​4
​BIOL 521/L ​Histology/Lab ​4
​BIOL 532/L ​Developmental BIOLogy/Lab ​4
​BIOL 540/L ​Molecular Genetics/Lab ​3
​BIOL 541/L ​Freshwater Invertebrate Zoology/Lab ​4
​BIOL 543/L ​Limnology/Lab ​4
​BIOL 552/L ​Advanced Microscopy/Lab ​4
​BIOL 553/L ​Ecology/Ecology Field Studies ​4​
​BIOL 561 ​BIOL 561 Applied Geospatial Technology (GIS/GPS) ​3
​BIOL 562 ​Environmental Management ​3
​BIOL 565 ​Environmental Toxicology ​3
​BIOL 579/L ​Ichthyology/Lab ​3
​BIOL 581/L ​Entomology/Lab ​3
BIOL 583/L​ ​Mammalogy/Lab ​3
​BIOL 585/L ​Plant Taxonomy/Lab ​4
​BIOL 591 ​Special Topics ​1-4​
​BIOL 595  ​Indepen​den​t Study 1-4
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