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Biology Course List

BIOL 502 Immunology 3 (3-0)

Humoral and cell-mediated immunity including immune disorders and theories of immunological techniques. (S/E)

BIOL 503 Virology 2 (2-0) 

Molecular aspects of viral infection of bacteria, plants, and animals including viral replication, host range, host defenses, antiviral drugs, and viral ecology. Pre-requisites: BIOL 301/301L or permission of instructor. (F/E)

BIOL 510 Foundations in Graduate Studies 3 (3-0)

Laboratory safety. Effective sourcing, use, and interpretation of the literature. Scientific methodology, writing, and review of research ethics. Development of a thesis or internship plan. Pre-requisite: graduate standing. (F)

BIOL 512 Cellular Biology 3 (3-0)

Structural and functional organization of the cell, life cycles of cells, intracellular digestion, protein synthesis and cell death. Pre-requisites: BIOL 301 and 301L or BIOL 350 and 351, and CHEM 301 and 301L. Co-requisite: BIOL 512L. (S)

BIOL 512L Cellular Biology Lab 1 (0-3)

Co-requisite: BIOL 512 (S)

BIOL 513 Plant Physiology 2 (2-0)

Thorough examination of general physiology and function of plant body systems. Pre-requisites: Biol 191/191L, 192/192L, 212/212L, and CHEM 301/301L. Co-requisite: Biol 513L (S/O)

BIOL 513L Plant Physiology Lab

Co-requisite: Biol 513 (S/O)

BIOL 521 Histology 2 (2-0)

A microscopic study of vertebrate tissues and organs. Pre-requisites: BIOL 192/192L or BIOL 202/202L, or BIOL 223/223L or BIOL 321/321L. Co-requisite: BIOL 521L. (S/O)

BIOL 521L Histology Lab 2 (0-4)

Co-requisite: BIOL 521. (S/O)

BIOL 526 Plant Morphology 2 (2-0)

Forms, basic structures, relationships, life histories and evolutionary trends of representatives of the major autotrophic plant groups. Co-requisite: BIOL 526L. (S/E)

BIOL 526L Plant Morphology Lab 1 (0-2)

Co-requisite: BIOL 526. (S/E)

BIOL 532 Developmental Biology (2-0)

Theory and principles of the development of representative vertebrate and invertebrate animals with particular emphasis on the frog, chick, and Drosphila. Pre-requisite: BIOL 351 and 351L or permission of instructor. Co-requisite: BIOL 532L. (S/E)

BIOL 532L Developmental Biology Lab 2 (0-4)

Co-requisite: BIOL 532. (S/E)

BIOL 540 Molecular Genetics 2 (2-0)

Molecular and biochemical basis of heredity. Regulation of gene expression. Pre-requisite: BIOL 351 and 351L or permission of instructor. Co-requisite: BIOL 540L. (S)

BIOL 540L Molecular Genetics Lab 1 (0-2)

Co-requisite: BIOL 540. (S)

BIOL 541 Freshwater Invertebrate Zoology 2 (2-0)

Classification, phylogeny, systematics, morphology, physiology, and natural history of freshwater invertebrates inclusive of insects. Co-requisite: BIOL 541L. (S/O)

BIOL 541L Freshwater Invertebrate Zoology Lab 2 (0-4)

Co-requisite: BIOL 541. (S/O)

BIOL 543 Limnology 2 (2-0)

Biology, chemistry, and physics of lakes and rivers. Co-requisite: BIOL 543L. (S/E)

BIOL 543L Limnology Lab 2 (0-4)

Co-requisite: BIOL 543. (S/E)

BIOL 552 Advanced Microscopy 2 (2-0)

Theory and application of light and electron microscopy to biological sciences. Includes preparation of cells and tissues for examination, scope operation, and image analysis. Co-requisite: BIOL 552L. (Offered upon demand)

BIOL 552L Advanced Microscopy Lab 2 (0-4)

Co-requisite: BIOL 552. (Offered upon demand)

BIOL 553 Ecology 2 (2-0)

Interrelationships among organisms and their environment, employing quantitative methods and conceptual models. Pre-requisites: BIOL 352, and MATH 126 or MATH 221. Co-requisite: BIOL 553L. (F/E)

BIOL 553L Ecology Field Studies 2 (2-0)

Co-requisite: BIOL 553. (F/E)

BIOL 553 Behavioral Ecology 3 (3-0)

Evolution and adaptive significance of animal behaviors with a focus on current research Pre-requisites: BIOL 352 or permission of instructor. (S/O)

BIOL 561 Applied Geospatial Technology (GIS/GPS) 3 (3-0)

Theory and practice of using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) for geographic data analysis, and to georeference data. (F/O)

BIOL 562 Environmental Management 3 (3-0)

Scientific basis of environmental regulations applied to air/water quality, solid waste, and hazardous waste; technologies and procedures used by generators to achieve compliance. Pre-requisite: BIOL 353 or equivalent. (S/O)

BIOL 565 Environmental Toxicology 3 (3-0)

Basic principles of toxicology, interaction of the xenobiotics with living organisms and the environment, and the impact of pollutants on the ecosystem. Pre-requisites: BIOL 191 and 192, or BIOL 201 and 202; and CHEM 122 and 302, or permission of instructor. (S/E)

BIOL 578 Practicum in Laboratory Instruction 1 (0-2)

Laboratory preparation, instruction, and methods under the guidance and supervision of a professor. May be repeated for a maximum of 4 credits. Prerequisites: graduate standing or permission of department chair. (S/U grading) (F,S)

BIOL 579 Ichthyology 2 (2-0)

The morphology, taxonomy and ecology of fishes; an introduction to fishery biology and aquaculture. Field trips are an integral part of the course. Co-requisite: BIOL 579L. (F/O)

BIOL 570 Ichthyology Lab 1 (0-2)

Co-requisite: BIOL 579. (F/O)

BIOL 581 Entomology 2 (2-0)

Structure, classification, behavior, ecology and control of insects. Pre-requisite: BIOL 191 and 192, or BIOL 202 or permission of instructor. Co-requisite: BIOL 581L. (F/O)

BIOL 581L Entomology Lab 1 (0-2)

Co-requisite: BIOL 581. (F/O)

BIOL 583 Mammalogy 2 (2-0)

Evolution, classification and biology of mammals; practice in identifying and preparing specimens. Co-requisite: BIOL 583L. (S/E)

BIOL 583 Mammalogy Lab 1 (0-2)

Co-requisite: BIOL 583 (S/E)

BIOL 584 Ornithology 2 (2-0)

Classification, life history, laboratory and field identification of birds. Co-requisite: BIOL 584L. (S/O)

BIOL 584L Ornithology Lab 1 (0-2)

Co-requisite: BIOL 584. (S/O)

BIOL 585 Plant Taxonomy 2 (2-0)

Identification of common vascular plant families of Colorado with an emphasis on the flowering plants; study of their systematic relationships. Co-requisite: BIOL 585L. (F)

BIOL 585L Plant Taxonomy Lab 2 (0-4)

Co-requisite: BIOL 585. (F)

BIOL 588 Internship Seminar 1 (1-0)

Graduate internship presentation and examination for completion of MS degree option within the Graduate Programs in Natural Sciences. Pre-requisite: graduate standing. (F,S,SS)

BIOL 589 Thesis Defense 1 (1-0)

Thesis presentation for completion of MS degree option within the Graduate Programs in Natural Sciences. Pre-requisite: graduate standing. (F,S,SS)

BIOL 591 Special Topics (1-4 VAR)


BIOL 593 Seminar 1 (1-0)

An interdisciplinary seminar on topics appropriate to the application of natural sciences. Pre-requisite: graduate standing and CHEM 510. (S)

BIOL 595 Independent Study (1-4 VAR)

Pre-requisite: graduate standing, biology major, permission of instructor and department. (F,S,SS)

BIOL 598 Graduate Non-Thesis Internship (1-4 VAR) (S/U Grading)

Pre-requisite: graduate standing. (F,S,SS)

BIOL 599 Thesis Research (1-6 VAR) (S/U Grading)

Pre-requisite: graduate standing. (F,S,SS)

Vaccination Requirement and Exemptions

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The university's COVID-19 Vaccination Policy includes the COVID-19 vaccination unless an exemption is filed.

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