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Degree Requirements

The course of study requires 5 semester credits of course work common to all students, and 6 credits of thesis research. Each student must complete 4 core courses (13 semester credits). Students are required to complete 6 additional credit hours of approved graduate level electives in Biology, Chemistry, Math, or Engineering as outlined in the graduation plan developed with the student’s advisor and graduate committee, and approved by the program director. The signed graduation plan may be completed at any time, but is a requirement for successful completion of CHEM 510. Students are required to defend their research results before their thesis defense committee. Each student must pass a total of three qualifying exams one each in biochemistry and biology (molecular and cellular biology) and one of four other areas of selected chemistry content (analytical, inorganic, organic, or physical chemistry). Qualifier examinations are scheduled during the week preceding the beginning of classes each semester or in consultation with the program director or department chair. If an examination is failed, the requirement may be satisfied by completing the designated undergraduate coursework in the appropriate sub-discipline, as specified by the program director or department chair, with a minimum grade of “B”. Students enrolling into the 3+2 program will be exempt from the requirement to pass qualifying exams if they have completed courses at CSU-Pueblo in analytical, inorganic, organic, or physical chemistry; as well as cellular biology and molecular biology with a grade of “B” or better. Students enrolled in the 3+2 program required to pass qualifying exams will schedule the exams in consultation with the Program Director. Biochemistry program requirements are summarized as follows:

 (thesis option only)

Chem 510 3
CHEM 589 1
CHEM 593 1
CHEM 599 6

Core Courses (4 required – 13 credits)

CHEM 512 3
BioL 512 3
BioL 540/L 4
CHEM 531 3
Electives 6
Total 30

* Students may enroll for a total of 6 credit hours of CHEM 599, Thesis Research.

** Labs are not required.

 Elective courses may be selected from the following courses or others may be added with permission of the graduate committee:

BIOL 502 Immunology 3
BIOL 503 Virology 3
BIOL 550/L Survey of Genomics and Bioinformatics/Lab 3
BIOL 552/L Advanced Microscopy/Lab 4
CHEM 501/L Advanced Organic Chemistry/Lab 4
CHEM 519/L Advanced Instrumental Analysis/Lab 5
CHEM 521 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry 3
CHEM 525 Environmental Chemistry 3
CHEM 529 Advanced Analytical Chemistry 3
CHEM 591 Molecular Basis of Disease (taught under Special Topics) 3
CHEM 592 Research 1-3
MATH 550 Statistical Methods 3

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