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MA English

The Department of English and Foreign Languages offers a general program of study leading to the Master's of Arts in English. Courses are taught in the evening, to accommodate working professionals, with three to four courses offered each fall and spring semester. The Plan of Study shows the coursework required for the Master's of Arts in English at Colorado State University-Pueblo.

Program Goals

The general goals of the English Master's of Arts program are to prepare students for success and advancement in careers in teaching, writing, and scholarship and to develop their knowledge and skills in the discipline of English studies to professional levels in the following areas.

  • The study of literature in depth.
  • Aspects of literary history and cultural studies.
  • Literary criticism and theories of reading and interpretation.
  • Theories of writing and rhetoric.
  • Practical writing skills in a range of professional and creative genres.
  • Research techniques for and understanding of the discipline of English studies.
  • Pedagogical theories and techniques for various aspects and levels of English studies.

For more academic information e-mail Dr. Iver Arnegard, English Graduate Program Coordinator, Program Coordinator, 719.549.2623.


Admission to the program begins with the student submitting a two-page application form, alo​​​ng with a statement of purpose, copies of college transcripts, a writing sample, and three letters of recommendation. Submit your application materials no later than April 1 for fall admission. We do not have summer or spring admissions.

More complete instructions are given in the Instructions to the Applicant document.

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Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrates professional level of competency in the study of literature.
  2. Incorporates theories and strategies of literary and rhetorical criticism at a professional level.
  3. Reveals professional-level writing skills appropriate to the genre(s) of the work.
  4. Employs research strategies for English studies in a professional manner.
  5. Manifests professional understanding of pedagogical theories and strategies appropriate to English.
  6. Ability to speak in informed and articulate ways about a range of theory, research, and resources relevant to literature, language, rhetoric, and composition studies.
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