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Please refer to the current Colorado State University-Pueblo Catalog for specific degree requirements
and to the current Course Bulletin for specific class offerings.

Currently, only four undergraduate courses are offered and no graduate courses are offered.

These courses are also offered through the Extended Studies Department.

Undergraduate Course Descriptions


    GEOG 101 Physical Geography 3 credits (3-0)

    The three Earth spheres: the hydrosphere (oceanography, hydrologic cycle), the atmosphere(meteorology and climatology), and the lithosphere (geology, internal/external processes) are emphasized and examined.
    (F, S, SS)

    GEOG 102 Cultural Geography 3 credits (3-0)

    This course examines the world by examining cultural regions, cultural diffusion, and cultural landscape. Major themes emphasized are culture, population, agriculture, language, religion, ethnicity, urbanization, industry, and political geography. 
    (F, S, SS)

    GEOG 103 World Regional Geography 3 credits (3-0)

    The inter-connectivity and inter-relationship of the world's regions are stressed through an examination of agricultural, cultural, economic, physical, and population characteristics and development.
    (F, S)

    GEOG 491 Special Topics 3 credits (3-0)

    Devoted to special topics in Geography (human, physical, or regional). Prerequisites: Jr. or Sr. standing with adequate preparation and permissions of the instructor. 
    (F, S, SS)
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