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Graduate Studies in Teacher Education

Colorado State University-Pueblo's Graduate Studies in Teacher Education program provides a broad array of post-baccalaureate education programs with a strong professional focus and firm grounding in the liberal arts and sciences. We deliver high quality graduate credit activity-oriented professional development experiences for post-baccalaureate students in the primary and secondary education industry.

Graduate workshop formats vary from traditional face-to-face to correspondence and online courses delivered nationwide through a series of academic partnerships between the University and third-party providers.

    Partner with Us

    Colorado State University-Pueblo's Division of Extended Studies partners with individuals, schools and organizations across the nation to deliver high quality graduate credit activity-oriented professional development experiences for teachers through correspondence and online courses.

    New Partners

    If you're interested in partnering with Colorado State University-Pueblo, please contact our Teacher Education Program Specialist at 719.549.2309 or


    School District Professionals

    School Districts, Principals, In-Service and Professional Development Coordinators who would like to offer in-service courses for credit may be able to offer graduate credit to their teachers through Colorado State University-Pueblo. Graduate credit offered under this option is available only to licenses teachers, principals or other school administrators.

    Because of the large variety of in-service training programs provided by the schools, CSU-Pueblo Extended Studies does not have a list of pre-approved in-service courses or courses for re-certification offered through Extended Studies. Each course is evaluated individually. Courses previously offered may be offered again without additional review unless substantial changes have been made to the course content. The following will apply:

    A course syllabus must be provided at the time of the formal request for credit. The syllabus must include:

    1. Course title
    2. Course credits
    3. Course description
    4. Schedule of meeting days/time
    5. Course start date/end date
    6. Learning outcomes
    7. Assessment methods
    8. Grading scale
    9. ADA statement

    CSU-Pueblo staff can provide sample course syllabi upon request.

    There must be at least 15 contact hours for each credit requested (1 credit = 15 hours; 2 credits = 30 hours; 3 credits = 45 contact hours).

    A qualified instructor from the school/district must be involved in the teaching of the course content and grading of student work. See the section below on "Instructor Approval Process." The "instructor of record" will assign the grades on the Colorado State University-Pueblo class grade sheet. A regular grade is assigned, and will appear as "Degree-Plus" on a Colorado State University-Pueblo transcript.

    After all requested materials are received, they are forwarded to the Teacher Education Program, Associate Dean, or other appropriate department head/Dean (ART, MUSIC, etc.) for approval. Once approved, the school or district representative is informed.

    Instructors for these courses are not issued a CSU-Pueblo contract and the courses are taught at no expense to CSU-Pueblo. The course is taught either on a volunteer basis or the instructor is paid through another source.
    Through this CSU-Pueblo model, tuition is $55.00 per credit hour (subject to change), payable to "CSU-Pueblo". Tuition is due at the time of registration.

    Upon course and instructor approval, each school/district course coordination will be provided with course registration forms and a sample completed form. The forms may be duplicated locally if necessary to register students.

    The registration forms must be completed as indicated and returned to one of the CSU-Pueblo Extended Studies offices by the established date(s). Forms turned in after the established date(s) may not be processed in time for the current semester.

    Unless prior billing arrangements are made, each registration form must include a check, money order, or charge card data for the exact amount of tuition.

    For more information contact the Division of Extended Studies at 800.388.6154 or



    Persons interested in teaching courses for teacher re-certification credit and/or course approval must submit the following items to the CSU-Pueblo Division of Extended Studies:

    1. Initial cover letter indicating interest and list of course(s) being submitted for approval;
    2. Resume/Vita;
    3. Transcript(s) (may be unofficial) from each institution showing degree(s) awarded;
    4. Appropriate course syllabus/syllabi for course(s) requesting approval.

    Approval Request Packets should be sent to:

    Colorado State University-Pueblo
    Division of Extended Studies
    2200 Bonforte Blvd.
    Pueblo, CO 81001-4901

    For more information contact the Division of Extended Studies at 800.388.6154 or



    Unofficial Transcripts

    Students who have an assigned CSU-Pueblo Personal Identification Number (PID) can access a variety of new Web student services, including the ability to View Print Unofficial Transcripts.

    Official Transcripts

    Students can also pay for Official Transcripts by Mail or Fax.

    Before ordering official transcripts please ensure your grades have been posted by reviewing your unofficial transcripts PAWS.

    If you have questions, please contact the Teacher Education Specialist at 719.549.2309 or

    Accessing PAWS

    Students can access their PAWS account through CSU-Pueblo's Current Student Tab at the top of the website.

    Click on the PAWS icon. To log in, enter your PID and your PIN. The first time you use PAWS, you will need to click "Change Pin" and will be prompted to change and update your PIN.



    If you are a Siedow Teacher Education student, please use the following link to register.

    SIEDOW Registration Form

    If you are a Teacher Education student taking a course through a provider OTHER than Siedow Teacher Education or Learners Edge, please use the following link to register.

    Registration Form



    How do I get my PID number?

    When you register with CSU-Pueblo, you will receive an initial e-mail confirming your registration. After that, you can expect a follow-up e-mail that will give you your PID number, please allow approximately 2 weeks.

    When will my grade be on my transcript?

    Once we receive the grade from your provider, please allow approximately 2 weeks before attempting to order transcripts.

    How do I know if the transcript I order will be correct?

    Please access your PAWS student account at and view your unofficial transcript before ordering official transcripts. This will show what you can expect to see on your official transcripts. We highly recommend that you use this to verify accuracy before ordering.

    There’s a financial hold on my account, but I’ve already paid my provider, what do I do?

    Bills will be transferred from student accounts to Provider accounts. This process may take up to a week. At that point, the charge will be removed from your account and you’ll be able to order transcripts. If some time has passed and you’re still having issues, please call 719-549-2309. If time is of the essence, ordering by phone may be possible. Contact the Records department at 719-549-2261 to inquire.

    I ordered my transcript, where is it?

    Please contact the CSU-Pueblo Records office at 719-549-2261 for inquiries about the status of a transcript.

    Do I get a Form 1098-T?

    Students taking ED 501 and ED 500 courses for credit through CSU-Pueblo are considered non-degree seeking students and therefore CSU-Pueblo does not provide IRS Form 1098-T. Issuance of IRS Form 1098-T is only required for degree seeking students. CSU-Pueblo encourages students to seek advice from a competent professional tax advisor regarding the taxation implications of education related expenses.

    I have questions, who do I ask?

    For questions regarding course content, syllabi, assignments, due dates, or Provider Registration, please contact your Provider. For questions regarding transcripts, grade recording, and CSU-Pueblo registration, please contact the Extended Studies Office at 719-549-2309.

    I’m receiving an error message when I try to log into PAWS, what do I do?

    For questions regarding issues with technology, please contact the CSU-Pueblo IT department at 719-549-2002.


    Contact Us

    If you've read through the above information and the Student FAQs and have additional questions, please contact our Teacher Education Program Specialist at 719.549.2309 or

View our Professional Partner Companies:


    Body/Mind Dynamics

    Body/Mind Dynamics logo
    Françoise E. Netter and Body/Mind Dynamics, Inc. have provided specialized classes and services for educators for over 14 years. These courses not only offer credits to increase your salary and re-certify your teaching license, but offer subjects that can enhance every aspect of your professional and personal life. Their passion is to motivate others and use education as a resource for creativity, inspiration and transformation. They are changing one classroom at a time.
    A full list of their courses offered through CSU-Pueblo is available at:

    Credits for Teachers

    Credits for Teachers logo

    Credits for Teachers provides self-paced Professional Development courses for K12 educators. Their courses provide teachers with resources to improve their classrooms and engage their students. 

    More information can be found at:


    Continuing Education Associates

    Continuing Education Associates logo

    Continuing Education Associates (CEA) provides high quality accredited online continuing education courses and professional development topics that are relevant and convenient for teachers. They are taught by expert instructors covering content areas pertinent to today's K-12 schools. Topic areas such as; Classroom ManagementInstructional StrategiesLife SkillsSchool CounselingScienceSocial ScienceSpecial Education, and Technology, are comprised of courses that are designed to help individuals hone their teaching skills and methods. With quality and convenience in mind, CEA courses are designed to help teachers pursue their professional development plans and accomplish their professional development goals with confidence and relative ease.

    For a list of courses and course schedules, visit them on the web at:


    Dewey Walsh Teacher Education

    Dewey Walsh Teacher Education logo

    Dewey J. Walsh, Ed.D. has been offering Graduate Professional Continuing Education Classes for 45 years through face-to-face and independent study classes, centering on how children learn, their learning differences and the current trends in education. 

    Courses can be located at:


    Dr. Tara Gray Counseling & Wellness

    Dr. Tara Gray Counseling & Wellness logo

    Dr. Tara Gray Counseling & Wellness offers Affordable, convenient distance courses to maximize student achievement and social emotional learning.  As an educator for 25 years in elementary, middle, high, alternative, and private schools, I offer professional development courses that provide hands on tools to help you in the classroom.  Teachers and school counselors will learn the latest evidence-based techniques to engage students while increasing achievement and decreasing stress.

    For more information, visit:



    EDPower logo

    EDPOWER's Teacher Mastery Workshop is a 4-week online program for big-hearted superhero teachers who want to be the best teachers they can be. Whether you are a brand new or veteran public, private, or charter school teacher, the EDPOWER Workshop experience will help you accelerate your path to teacher mastery, and fulfill your salary advancement and recertification needs.

    This is not your standard self-paced go-at-it-alone online professional development course. The Workshop brings together top teachers from around the US to explore efficient, science-based and thoughtful ways to become more impactful in the classroom and admissions is by application only. The Teacher Mastery Workshop is held a handful of times each year.

    To apply, or for more information, visit


    Healthy Teaching Team

    Healthy Teaching Team logo

    Healthy Teaching Team offers quality courses at competitive and reasonable rates available on your own timeline. Created with an educator’s well-being in mind designed BY educators FOR educators.

    Course descriptions are available at:


    Institute for Graduate Studies

    The Institute for Graduate Studies logo

    The Institute for Graduate Studies (IGS) began as the International Graduate School of Education in 1971 in Denver, Colorado, as a non-profit institution of higher learning.

    IGS has conducted quality graduate programs in Wisconsin since 1971 and has been officially recognized to conduct such courses by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

    IGS is dedicated to developing and conducting innovative graduate study programs of high quality and scholarship.

    Over the last 46 years IGS has enrolled more than 60,000 graduate students in study programs in Wisconsin and over 100,000 students in a total of 39 states, nationwide.

    For more information, visit:


    LEAD Legal and Educational Services

    LEAD Legal & Educational Services, LLC logo

    LEAD Legal & Educational Services, LLC partners with Colorado State University-Pueblo to provide lower cost graduate level course credit that may be applied directly to a Masters or post-Masters degree course requirement, as elective credit transferable to a Master’s program, or credit submitted for state teacher license renewal.

    LEAD courses are primarily school law-related and facilitated by a licensed attorney, educator, and experienced school administrator.

    Visit to learn more about LEAD Legal & Educational Services, LLC and the list of current course offerings.


    Learners Edge

    Learners Edge logo

    Learners Edge offers more than 90 online and print-based courses to help you achieve unrivaled success in your classroom and your career. Join thousands of educators nationwide who make Learners Edge their first choice for continuing education graduate credit.

    To learn more, please visit:


    Northstar Continuing Education

    Northstar Continuing Education logo

    For over ten years, Northstar Continuing Education has offered independent study courses on current topics of interest to educational professionals. Classes are designed with your convenience and professional development in mind. Class formats consist of readings in the assigned textbook and articles and developing lesson plans and/or writing essays. Students can register for classes anytime throughout the year.

    Please visit Northstar’s website for a complete list of course offerings:


    PEAK Learning Systems

    PEAK Learning Systems logo

    PEAK’s Teaching for Excellence™ summer institutes are enlightening, empowering and engaging experiences that profoundly increase educator effectiveness and student achievement. Combine your best practice with new thinking and tools that will work together to achieve extraordinary student success.

    For more information on their summer institutes held in Vail, CO visit


    School House Consultants

    School House Consultants logo

    School House Consultants offers a wide variety of extended studies courses throughout the year.

    For a list of courses and course schedules, visit them on the web at:


    SCT Continuing Education Services

    SCT Continuing Education Services

    SCT CONTINUING EDUCATION SERVICES provides distance learning opportunities for educators to help them with licensure renewal, salary advancement, or to achieve their professional goals. Courses are offered in both print based and online format, and allow you to find relevant strategies to use immediately within your current educational setting.

    For a full list of courses visit:


    Siedow Teacher Education

    Siedow Teacher Education logo

    Siedow Teacher Education has been providing continuing education courses for teachers since 1985. Siedow Teacher Education partners with CSU-Pueblo to offer a variety of print-based courses that have helped thousands of teachers to become more effective educators.

    Please visit their website to learn more:


    Teacher's Learning Center

    Teacher's Learning Center logo

    Teacher’s Learning Center has offered low cost graduate courses for working teachers for over nine years. Study materials and assignments are mailed to you, allowing you to study anytime, anywhere.

    Please visit the Teacher’s Learning Center for a full list of course offerings.


    The Educator's Place

    The Educator's Place logo

    The Educator’s Place offers classes that can be applied to your classroom right away! They provide courses that are stress free, and easy on the budget.  Their schedule offers 25 courses with seven different instructors, who are teachers ~ just like you!  All classes are online, and paced at your convenience. The Educator's Place is a Denver based company that meets teachers’ needs for professional development, recertification, as well as, salary advancement credits. Classes are approved for ALL states and ALL districts.

    Check out their offerings at:



    TheraCourse logo

    TheraCourse offers courses for Speech Language Pathologists that are affordable, focus on improving clinical skills required to work with students on their caseload and that could be fit into their busy schedules.



    VESi logo

    VESi offers online laptop, tablet and smart phone compatible courses for professional educators that are convenient, relevant, affordable, and can be taken at a pace that fits your schedule.

    Check out the course offerings available through CSU-Pueblo at:

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