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Study Abroad in Todos Santos

Study Abroad in Todos Santos, Mexico!

Spend a week in Todos Santos, Mexico! Experience education in a new way – take advantage of the cultural experiences that Todos Santos has to offer under the direction of CSU-Pueblo faculty. The tuition includes your flight, airport transportation, all meals, international travel insurance, lodging, and up to 5 excursions with your instructor, which could include sea kayaking, surfing, snorkeling, visiting the beach, watching an authentic cooking class, and more! Each course cost $2400 if registered by the registration deadline

Use financial aid to pay! Contact the Financial Aid office to claim any aid you had not yet previously used. 

See our course offerings for Spring and Summer 2019 below. 


Spring 2019 Course Offerings


    CS 230: Social and Psychological Health of the Chicano

    Instructor: Dr. Fawn Amber Montoya,

    Course Dates: February 13 – March 27, 2019

    Dates in Mexico: March 16 – 22, 2019

    Course Information: This course will discuss the social and psychological issues and challenges facing Chican@s. We will address issues of economic inequality, lack of political representation, educational inequity, and identity. We will also address strengths of Chicano Communities and how to apply academic ideas into community conversation. Students will review current research on the social and psychological areas addressing Chican@s.

    CS 230 Registration Form 

    CS 230 Syllabus 


    REC 291: Ecotourism

    Instructor: Dr. Daniel Bowan

    Course Dates: Tuesdays (2/19, 2/26, 3/5, 3/12, 4/2) 5:00-8:00pm in person

    Dates in Mexico: March 16 – 22, 2019

    Course Information: Enjoy surfing, sea kayaking, and interacting with the local community while earning 3 academic credits in REC 291: Ecotourism! Learn about politics, social and cultural implications and trends in ecotourism! This class is an introduction to ecotourism, sustainable development, and globalization. The Baja California Sur region of Mexico provides the context to explore the political, economic, and social impacts of ecotourism.

    REC 291 Registration Form

    REC 291 Syllabus 

Summer 2019 Course Offerings


    REC 491: Sustainable Travel and Alternative Tourism

    Instructor: Dr. Daniel Bowan

    Course Dates: Tuesdays: 4/9, 4/23, 4/30 (5:00-9:00pm) in person/zoom

    Dates in Mexico: May 21 – 28, 2019

    Course Information: Enjoy surfing, a historical tour of Todos Santos, and interacting with the local community while earning 3 academic credits in REC 491: Sustainable Travel and Alternative Tourism! Learn about the politics, social and cultural implications, and trends in alternative tourism! Students will explore concepts and issues in alternative tourism and sustainable travel in a global context, develop an awareness of the concerns of the tourism industry and impacts on local communities, and critically examine various challenges and issues in tourism and sustainable travel to identify solutions.

    REC 491 Registration Form

    REC 491 Syllabus 


    EXHP 162: Personal Health and Wellness

    Instructors: Dr. Carol Foust & Dr. Bethany Kies

    Course Dates: Meets face to face on CSUP Campus May 2nd, May 16th, and June 6th; Meets ONLINE May 6-10th and May 20th- June 6th

    Dates in Mexico: June 9-15, 2019

    Course Information: EXHP 162 Personal Health 3(3-0): The development of knowledge and the scientific basis for the analysis, evaluation and promotion of personal health and wellness.”  Research indicates that human beings, via daily health-related decisions and behaviors, determine the quality of their health status to a great extent. This course is designed to provide positive quality information and decision-making skills to create an awareness of and motivation to develop positive behaviors that will result in higher level wellness.

    EXHP 162 Registration Form

    EXHP 162 Syllabus 


    SPN 130: Introduction to Spanish-Speaking Cultures: Mexico

    Instructor: Dr. Danilo Leon

    Course Dates: May 27 – June 8 Online

    Dates in Mexico: June 9 – 15, 2019

    Course Information: This course will explore topics in the history, literatures, and art of selected Spanish-Speaking cultures, and will also include and introduction to basic Spanish. The course will be taught in English and Spanish. This three-week online and onsite (Baja California, México) course examines different cultural, artistic, economic, political, and social aspects of the Mexican nation. During the third week we will travel to Todos Santos, Baja California Sure, México. There, we will not only immerse in the Mexican culture, but also in the Spanish language and you will use every opportunity to practice your language skills while meeting local people and trying local food. Walking and cultural tours, cooking classes, and other outdoor activities will be part of your study-abroad learning experience!

    SPN 130 Registration Form 

    SPN 130 Syllabus 


    ED 491: Multicultural Voices in Education

    Instructor: Dr. Heather Caldwell

    Course Dates: June 3 – 28, online

    Dates in Mexico: June 16 – 22, 2019

    Course Information: This course will highlight the multicultural aspects of education in the US and Mexico. Students will be introduced to ideas of how race, class, and gender intersect in education and how these ideas are manifested in the history of social movements and education. It is inherently comparative in nature and will analyze and compare ethnic identity in k-12 classrooms.

    ED 491 Registration Form 

    ED 491 Syllabus 

Images from Past Trips to Todos Santos

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