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CHEM 101: Chemistry and Society

3 semester-hour credits - Tuition $525.00
Chemistry related to the everyday world. Drugs, food, pollution, pesticides, consumer products, energy, and home health. Principally for non-science majors.
Videos required.

CHEM 101L: Chemistry and Society - Lab

1 semester-hour credits - Tuition $175.00
Laboratory is optional. Experiments to exemplify the logical steps of problem solving and explore the physical and chemical world.

CHEM 160: Introduction to Forensic Science

3 semester-hour credits- Tuition $525.00
Overview of Forensic Science: Crime scene investigation, evidence collection, microscopy techniques, arson analysis, fingerprints, serology and DNA use.

CHEM 211: Introduction to Organic Chemistry

3 semester-hour credits - Tuition $525​.00
Survey of organic chemistry chemical structure, reactivity, and functional groups are presented in context of relevance to society.
Prerequisite: CHEM 111. Videos required.

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