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ANTHR 100: Cultural Anthropology

3 semester-hour credits - Tuition $525.00
Introduction to the concepts by which anthropology understands particular lifestyles, and to the constructs by which it accounts for similarities and differences among lifestyles. E-mail available.

ANTHR 310: Social and Cultural Theory

3 semester-hour credits - Tuition $525.00
Examines from classical to contemporary theory in sociology and anthropology, and includes historical perspectives into events that occurred during times when major writers were developing their theories.
Course also available as SOC 310.

ANTHR 416: Crime and the Mind

3 semester-hour credits - Tuition $525.00
Examination of “crime” as an ongoing aspect of human existence. This course is dedicated to the understanding of cognitions, interpretations, social interaction and criminological research pertaining to criminal populations. Sociological and psychological perspectives are discussed and critiqued throughout the course.
Course also available as SOC 416.

Convocation Week 2017


Aug 16

All Day

International New Student Orientation!...

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