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Core Classes

EXHPR 101: Introduction to EXHPR

2 CR: Overview of health promotion, fitness, athletic training, recreation and school-based programs and career opportunities.

REC 100L: Wilderness Tech Skills

1 CR: Introduction to wilderness skills paramount for outdoor leadership competence. Students will learn and demonstrate technical skills.

Select Two of the Following Outdoor Classes:

  • EXHPR 105L: Snow Sports I (1 CR)
  • EXHPR 205L: Snow Sports II (1 CR)
  • REC 112L: Rock Climbing (1 CR)
  • REC 113L: Whitewater Boating (1 CR)
  • REC 114L: Basic Mountaineering (1 CR)
  • REC 116L: Camping (1 CR)
  • REC 117L: Backpacking (1 CR)

Select one of the Following:

REC 322: Wilderness First Aid

Course teaches theory, knowledge, and skills needed for basic medical treatment and evacuation in the wilderness. Involves 3 days of medical training, scenarios and testing.

AT 232: First Aid

Knowledge and skills in current first-aid and CPR procedures for the Lay Responder. Red Cross certification.

REC 240: Recreation Program Design

3 CR: Rationale supporting and methods of conducting recreation programs in a wide variety of public, private, voluntary and commercial recreation agencies.

REC 249: Challenge Course Leadership

2 CR: This course is designed to teach knowledge, skills, and methods necessary to facilitate challenge course programs in a variety of settings for specific client groups.

REC 250: Commercial REC. Tourism

3 CR: Designing for-profit recreation programs and facilities that are linked to tourism. Practical approach to programming in a commercial setting.

REC 280: Foundations of Therapeutic Recreation

3 CR: Community and clinical recreation services for the mentally retarded, law offenders, psychologically impaired, sensory impaired, physically disabled, disadvantaged or aging.

MCCNM 210: Intro to Integrated Communication

3 CR: Fundamental principles of Integrated Marketing Communication, including advertising, public relations, sales promotion, and direct response, as applied to non-profit, government, and for profit organizations.

REC 350: Leadership and Ethics

3 CR: Addresses leadership techniques and styles, leadership theory, group dynamics, and ethical considerations in recreation.

REC 360: Outdoor Education

3 CR: Concepts and methods of outdoor education and interpretation. Students learn to teach outdoor living skills and natural history using experiential methods in an outdoor setting.

EXHPR 375: Research and Evaluation of Recreation

3 CR: Provides an overview of research designs and methodologies using recreation participation data, for needs assessment and program evaluation.

REC 389: Practicum

3 CR: Minimum of 150 hours of practical experience in a selected recreation agency. Prerequisite: permission of director of recreation program.

EXHPR 461: Managing Programs in EXHPR

3 CR: Organizational and administrative functions used in a modern management approach to programs in Physical Education, Health Promotion, Athletics, Fitness, and Recreation.

REC 485: REC. Facility Design/Mgmt

3 CR: Presentation of basic elements of design and management of recreational facilities, taking into account the interaction between natural resources and man-made structures.

REC 493: Seminar

2 CR: Advanced in-depth examinations of contemporary issues in leisure/recreation. Includes student-led discussions, in-depth term projects and comprehensive examinations. Interview and resume preparation are emphasized.

REC 498: Internship

12 CR: Supervised experience with approved professionals in select recreation settings.

CIS 100: Intro to Word Windows

1 CR: A competency-based course, topics include: file management, formatting, fonts, editing, reports, footnotes, desktop publishing, clip art, styles, outlines, tables, and mail merge.

CIS 103: PowerPoint and Web

1 CR: An introduction to PowerPoint and FrontPage. Includes: presentation templates, charts, object embedding, slide shows, Internet search methods, web page design, web site creation and publishing.

CIS 104: Excel Spreadsheets

1 CR: Includes worksheet design, text and formula manipulation, charts, lists, pivot tables, ranges, lookup tables, data analysis, functions, and macros.

Shot of three students in online, in person, and hybrid learning formats.

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