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Associated Fees and Costs

Athletic Training Program Associated Fees and Costs*

*Lowest costs without insurance are listed for TB, Physical Exam, and Hep B

  1. TB testing - this is a yearly cost once accepted into the program
    1. Student Health Center - $10
  2. Physical Examination – must have examination upon entrance to the AT Program
    1. Free – performed in conjunction with Fall Athletic PPE
    2. Student Health Center - $30
  3. Hepatitis B vaccination (declination or proof of vaccinations)
    1. This is done as an infant/toddler for most people
    2. Student Health Center ($10/shot = $30 for the series of 3 shots)
  4. CPR/FA Recertification
    1. Price is variable dependent upon the company, as of 1/1/2018
      1. American Red Cross - $27 at present through AT Program
  5. Off Campus Clinical Assignment Travel Expenses
    1. Gas to and from site is provided by student (furthest site is less than $400/semester averaging 25 mpg @ $2.35 gallon)
  6. Course, Program and Department Fees (
S = Student/CH = credit hourSpring 2016Spring 2017Net Cost Change FY 16 to FY 17
Course Course Fee Program Fee Department Fee Course Fee Program Fee Department Fee  
AT 231, AT 233 CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer $30/S     $30/S      
AT 379 Athletic Training Practicum II $75/S     $80/S     $5/S
AT 260/ AT 279 Care and Prevention/ Practicum Ath Trng I   $15/CH     $15/CH    
AT 419 $60/S     $90/S     $30
AT 488 BOC test prep       $30/S     $30
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